Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar

Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar
17 Liverpool St, Melbourne
03 9654 6727

I have loved Shimbashi Soba So Good in Gold Coast ever since Monkylicious took me there.  Sadly it closed down a few years ago and the owner/master who made the soba noodles from scratch every day went back to Japan.

photo 4 [640x480]Fortunately his apprentice stayed and decided to open up a Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar in Melbourne.  This is obviously very exciting since it is so close to my work I had to go try it oh you know.. Once or twice..
photo 3 [640x480]The first time I went I had the chicken and dumpling soba noodle soup and thought it was fabulous.  The soba noodles, made that very morning, was smooth and slippery, with a slightly nutty flavour.  Yum.  The soup was delicious and the dumplings has just the right amout of meat to veggies ratio.  Yummy.
photo 1 [640x480]Next time, I tried the duck soba noodle soup, which I remembered I quite liked in Queensland.  Sadly, the duck soba was not as good here.  The duck was slightly overcooked and had this overpowering gamey flavour.  That being said, my dining companion tried the cold duck soba noodles with warm dipping sauce and she thought that it was fabulous and had it subsequent times.  Mmmm maybe next time!

I also managed to try the pan fried dumplings, once again with fantastic meat to veg ratio, a very thin skin that was crispy on one side.  Yum.

Buckwheat for freshly made soba every day

Buckwheat for freshly made soba every day

Whilst Shimbashi Soba and Sake Bar is not as good as the Gold Coast original store, I thought it was still a fantastic place to go to for a casual lunch with their fairly reasonable prices.  7.5/10

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