Piggy in Hong Kong

Why hello readers! I am back in Hong Kong again for a week, bringing you yummy food porn and other weird and wonderful adventures.

Wong Chi Kee Noodles and Congee 黃枝記粥麪
15 Wellington St, Central
+852 2869 1331

My first noteworthy meal would have to be breakfast the first day in Hong Kong.  Living on the mid-levels this time round, I have decided to do a leisurely stroll down to Cental to meet my best friend in Hong Kong, Meow1.  She took me to 黃枝記粥麪 Wong Chi Kee congee and noodles for brekkie.  There are a lot of foreigners who thinks that it’s too early to eat stuff like that but a lot of Hongkies eat congee and noodles for breakfast.
photo 1 [640x480]That being said we did eat something spesh- fish maw and scallop congee.  Yes now THAT’S weird for breakfast!  For those who don’t know congee, it’s like a savory porridge Chinese eat for breakfast, sometimes for lunch and almost always when you are sick.  You can put different savory ingredients in it, like chicken, beef, fish, frogs (we will get to that in another post I promise 😉 ), scallops, abalone, century eggs and pork etc.  you can also have sweet porridge with red beans, green beans and sugar.

Anyway, back to the Wong Chi Kee.  Hang on, you might say, wtf is fish maw?!?!?!  A lot of Hong Kong stores translates it as bladder.  Who the f would want to eat BLADDER?! Turns out, it’s the AIR bladder of a fish, to help it float.

So why would people eat this thing? Well, according to my MIL, it’s full of collagen (antiageing) and it’s great for female body (probably fertility stuff).

Wong Chi Kee’s fish maw and scallop congee was well cooked and full of ingredients.  For about AUD$18 it’s really not expensive for a huge pot of congee with such ingredients.  The actually quality of the fish maw wasn’t the best, but it’s not bad.  Good fish maw, I reckon, should be soft but slightly yielding, have a certain stickiness to it due to collagen.  Some of the fish maw in the congee was slightly crunchy and dry and it was only a little bit sticky.

The scallops were cooked perfectly though and the whole congee was full of scallions and ginger to give it flavour.  I still think they put MSG but it wasn’t over the top.

photo 2 [640x480]I also ordered a kumquat ginger tea, which soothes my stomach in preparation for an onslaught of yummy food for the next few days.
Overall, very impressed with Wong Chi Kee. 8/10