Japanese Restaurant Doraya

Japanese Restaurant Doraya定食
G/F, 451 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道451地下
+852 2834 8851

Hongkies loves Japanese food, no matter what shape or form. There are countless Japanese restaurants in HK, huge number of Japanese travel shows that talks about food, magazine articles that talk about which HK restaurants will fly live fish from Japan to HK.

So of course when we arrived at Hong Kong, one of the first order of business is to go to a Japanese restaurant. I asked our friend Esky where I should go, and he suggested Doraya for its sea urchin.

photo 3 [640x480] I arrived at Doraya at around 1:30pm and got one of the last seats available. The lunch set looked reasonable at approx $150 HKD (AUD$19) which includes Vegies, Japanese omelette, a bowl of sea urchin & salmon roe rice and a bowl Japanese udon.

photo 2 [640x480]When it arrived, I realized that while it looks great, the serving wasn’t huge. Under the shiso leaf wasn’t more sea urchin or salmon roe, it was just pickled ginger. Sadness. That being said the sea urchin was very fresh (though not as fresh as the ones at Komeyui Melbourne) and the salmon roe is slightly salty and goes well with the rice. Nom nom nom.

The other dishes were nothing to rave home about though, with Vegies were simply cooked in dashi and the Japanese omelette slightly too rock hard to be called delicious. The udon was a bit soggy by the time I got to it but the flavours are good.

photo 1 [640x480]Overall, I wished that I have ordered the a la carte instead of lunch set. Although it might be HKD$10-20 (AUD$2-3) more expensive the bowl of rice filled up with fresh sea urchin would hace been so worth it. 7/10