BuDaoWeng 不倒翁中日火鍋料理
Shop1101, 11/F, Food Forum, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
(+852) 3102 9363

Hello peeps, as I mentioned last time I spent a week in Hong Kong late April, and this time, I am going to take you guys to HK’s Times Square in Causeway Bay to eat hot pot.

What the heck is hot pot? You might ask. The concept is simple. You sit around a table with your friends and family, have a stove in the middle and a pot on top of it with delicious soup boiling (it can be any clear soup: chicken, beef, seafood, prawn…). You will be given some raw ingredients where you chuck it in bit by bit and eat as you cook.

photo(4) [640x480]
We normally have this during winter but it seemed that the hot pot craze in Hong Kong lasts all year because there are so many hot pot speciality stores in Hong Kong, and Budaoweng is one of them.

That being said Budaoweng is not some random hot pot place with plastic sheets covering the table. Budaoweng markets itself to be this high class, hot pot place. Holy crap it costs AUD$6 ($48) for some instant noodles- and you have to cook it yourself!

We obviously decided to order something a bit fancy, especially when they offered soup bases like drunken crab, winter melon and conpoy etc.

photo 1 [640x480]First thing first though, with any hot pot you need to mix your dipping sauce. We were offered a number of delicious options like 2 types of chilli, XO sauce, Satay sauce, fried shallots, garlic, spring onions and wasabi.  The wasabi is really for the sashimi we are about to have- yes, sashimi in a hot pot restaurant… for some reason that’s how they roll in Hong Kong!

photo 3 [640x480]Here is our sashimi platter!  The fish was fairly fresh, however the sea urchin was not great at all.  It actually stinks a bit and I didn’t eat too much of it.

photo 4 [640x480]Esky, our dining companion in Hong Kong loves Geoduck, which is a clam that looked like a… penis….LOL.  Esky told us that it could be eaten raw, or cooked in the hot pot.  The Geoduck tasted slightly fishy when eaten raw, but when it’s cooked it had a fresh, crunchy flavour.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]We also ordered some super fresh seafood and meat, one such prawn was actually moving even though it was beheaded.  Esky squealed like a little girl and told me to chuck it in the hot pot now as I tried waving it around his face.  Baahahahahhaahahaha *evil laugh*

We also ordered some freshly skinned field toads, which was positively pulsating when it hit our table.  Yup, it was that fresh.  We used to eat this when we were children, but normally our parents chucked it into the rice whilst it was boiling.  So we weren’t too sure how to cook this in a hot pot, but I gave it a go anyway.

Whilst I was munching on one of these field toads, I thought to check with the waitress whether it was fully cooked yet and the waitress said “No, cook it more!”.  It turned out these toads can be full of bacteria, so you kinda need too cook it REALLY well, and make sure you don’t put any other food in it whilst it’s still cooking.  We all got a bit of a erm… tummy issue afterwards and Hubby blamed my toads… Ooopps.

photo 1 (2) [640x480]With all the food we got on our table I seriously didn’t know how we could finish it, but surprsingly we did.

photo 3 (2) [640x480]We even finished the individual fruit platter with crysanthemum and goji berry jelly!  Overall, we thought that the meal was ok, but for AUD$150 per person it wasn’t really worth it, especially when we have to cook all the food by ourselves!!!  5/10