Cacao Green

Cacao Green
285 Swanston St, Melbourne
03 9654 9674

photo 1 [640x480]I usually turned my nose up at froyo shops because I always maintained that frozen yoghurts are pretend healthy desserts that is simply loaded with sugar.

Why would I eat that instead of a calorie laden piece of donut/ cake?  So when people suggested to go to Cacao Green I usually roll my eyes and staunchly refuse.

However, one day I was with hubby and he really wanted froyo so we decided to stop by Cacao Green.  To my delight, I found that they don’t just sell Froyo, they also sell something that I love- WAFFLES!  Freshly made ones at that! And you can have just HALF instead of one whole! Awesomeness!

photo 2 [640x480]

I ordered a waffle with roasted almonds slices and yoghurt drizzle.  Since it was freshly made it tasted awesome.  I wish that there were more choices in flavours though, given that there were only almond flavour or berry flavour at the time of visit.  I have visited several times the quality was always consistent.  Delicious.  I will be back yum yum yum.  7.5/10

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