Bar Pulpo by Movida

Bar Pulpo By Movida
Melbourne International Airport, Melbourne
03 9310 5091

photo(6) [640x480]It’s time for us to leave Melbourne again, this time, we are heading off to the legendary Foodie haven, Italy as well as Greece for our friends wedding.

But before we fly off, I have always wanted to try Bar Pulpo by Movida. Our chance came this time as the Qantas Club was closed (which I am extremely annoyed about), so we decided to chill out in Bar Pulpo.

It was a very very quiet Wednesday night- I have not seen Melbourne airport this quiet before. We settled in one of the sofa seats and proceeded to order some tapas and raciones. You might already know, but tapas are small individual bite size snacks, whereas raciones are larger plates, potentially to share.

It felt like Bar Pulpo is a mixture of all the Movidas into one, with tapas like scallops with foam made famous by Movida and Calamari sandwich (by Movida Acqui) on order.

photo 4 [640x480]I got the calamari sandwich which was a generous serving of well seasoned, deep fried calamari on a white bread roll $8.90. I wasn’t impressed by the bread roll to be honest, it’s cold and hard and reminded me of the bread rolls on a plane. But the calamari and Basque style chilli combination kicks arse- maybe they should just ditch the bread bit.

photo 3 [640x480]Hubby and I also shared the potato bravas $13.90- beautifully cooked potatoes smothered with lashings of slightly spicy tomatoey sauce which was delicious.

photo 5 [640x480]Hubby also ordered chorizo $19.50, cooked with lots of garlic and cider. I also detected a hint of vinegar which cuts the fattiness of the dish. This dish would have been fantastic with some wine, but since we are gallivanting around Italy, I am trying to be good.

photo(7) [640x480]What I did indulge in was Movida’s donut- I was so surprised to see Movida Bakery’s donut on sale here! Normally sold out so quickly in Movida Bakery at South Yarra, there were plenty sitting prettily at the counter and they even have my favorite- lemon curd donut!

Sadly I think it was sitting in the counter for a bit to long, it was slightly stale but delicious nonetheless.

photo 2 [640x480]Overall, I felt that Bar Pulpo wasn’t as delicious as what they have on offer in the city stores, but with a mixture of delights from all the Movida stores made it a worthwhile choice if you need to grab a bite before flying off internationally. 7/10

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