Fresco e Cimmino, Milan

Fresco e Cimmino
Via Ugo Foscolo 4, Milano (Milan)
02 97374869

After a 24hr plane ride with a stop in the Dubai airport, we finally arrived in Milan!  Exhausted but happy that we finally made it, we decided to have an early dinner then call it a night.

photo 1 [640x480]We know we know, Milanese don’t normally eat at 6pm but we were so exhausted we didn’t care. Staying at Hotel Dei Cavaleri (highly recommended btw), we are very close to Duomo, the beautiful Cathedral in Milan. We walked past the busy, bustling touristy street of Duomo and turned intoa quiet street just off it, to Fresco e Cimmino.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]It’s obviously very quiet at 6pm but there were a few tables of Italians having dinner. We decided to try the grilled vegetable antipasti which was a giant plate dotted with grilled zucchini, bitter melon, beans, peppers and olives. I love it how each bits of vegetable have a different flavour- the zucchini had a dash of olive oil, while some of the others have a tomato based sauce with it.

photo 3 (2) [640x480]Hubby ordered a carbonara €12, which was the traditional version made with bacon, bacon fat and egg (I.e. not drowning in cream sauce). We found this a little bit too salty.

photo 4 (2) [640x480]I ordered a linguine w 1/2 lobster €19. The lobster is full of roe which was nice although I found that the lobster wasn’t as fresh as it can be. The linguine was cook to al dente, with fresh cherry tomatoes and olive oil as the base. It came with a small bunch of parsley which I suspect it was more for decoration than anything. I found the whole dish a bit bland (that was before I tried hubby’s) and it felt like two separate meal as the lobster meat was not incorporated into the pasta itself.

Because we realised afterwards that this place is more famous for its pizza than its pasta, we went back the day after for lunch.  Sadly we were still not very impressed with the pizza, although we did find it better than the pasta.

photo 2 (3) [640x480]First we ordered a salad that is super fresh and a nice mixture of grilled vegies and fresh vegies.

photo 3 (3) [640x480]We ordered a spicy meat and french fries pizza (actually hubby ordered it, I just rolled my eyes) and as you can see in this picture those are potatoes, NOTHING like french fries so hubby was quite disappointed.  We also ordered a ham, artichoke and mushroom pizza which hubby said it just tasted like Melbourne pizza.  Either Melbourne pizzeria is at the top of their game or pizza in Fresco e Cimmino is not of Italian standard, and I suspect it’s the latter…

photo 1 (2) [640x480]Overall, it could have been a better meal but I guess there are always hits and misses, even though we followed trip advisor.  6/10

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