Peccatori di Gola, Milan

photo(8) [640x480]Hello from Milan! It’s our second day in Milan and due to a massive jetlag, we went for a run to Sforza Castle. Hubby kept telling me that the castle looked like something from Assassin’s Creed. What a geek!

IMG_5024 [640x480]Some people said that the real Milan is behind closed doors, where all the fabulousness happens. So we went to Villa Necchi Campiglio, a beautiful house where two Necchi sisters used to live until they were very old and donated this house to a National Trust.

Servcant's wardrobe

Servant’s wardrobe

The house is HUGE, with a beautiful sun room and beautiful ornaments. Apparently the Necchi sisters change outfits every few hours- talk about ultimate fabulousness!

Afterwards, we went to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, unfortunately no photos there but it’s obviously a memorising piece of fading artwork. A must see if you are in Milan but please remember to pre-book! I saw this rich businessman trying to bribe the people manning the entrance for his two clients to go in but it’s useless, they have really strict rules there.

IMG_5057 [640x480]Finally meeting up with Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns on Friday night, they took us to this dodgey neighborhood full of graffiti and smoking teenagers. As it turns out, this is the hip neighborhood of Navigli, an area with a very active nightlife.

The area gets super busy at about 7pm, because of the “Happy Hours” deal you get. For a price of a drink (or drinks), you get a buffet table full of food.

We foodies turned our noses at those places though, and turned into a quiet street where Peccatori di Gola is situated.

Peccatori di Gola
Via E. Gola, 4 Milan, Province of Milan, Italy
+39 02 835 7387

IMG_5073 [640x480]Our booking was at 8pm, however when we peered through the windows at 8:10pm it was still shut. Thankfully they opened the door for us and greeted us warmly. We wondered whether people really eat that late in Milan, but it turned out by the time we left there were only two tables, including us. It was such a pity as we had a fantastic night with great food and wine.

The owner was fantastic, he translate most of the dishes to us so we can make a sound decision. We decided to share some entree and the have a pasta each.

IMG_5062 [640x480]For entree I wanted horse meat, while hubby ordered the ricotta ball rolled in pistachio and raspberry. Dr. Ben chose a cured duck with mustard mayonnaise and prosciutto and Ms Hot Guns ordered the potato millefeuille.

With the duck, Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns really like the mayoniaise mustard and the meat was flavoursome, we all agreed it was the entree of the day. The potato stack was nice but nothing special. Hubby’s ricotta rolled in pistachio was quite interesting, and I quite like the raspberry which refreshes Whole dish.

IMG_5061 [640x480]So, here is a bit of confusion. We forgot we ordered 5 entrees but only 4 came. So in all comfusion, hubby, Ms. Hot Guns and I thought we got the horse meat, whilst Dr. Ben thought its the prosciutto he ordered. So here we are, thinking that geez horsemeat doesnt taste any different from proscuitto, we were erm… Actually eating proscuitto. Fail. The prosciutto was a standard fare although I found it a little bit too salty for my liking.

IMG_5068 [640x480]Dr Ben’s cheese ravioli with beetroot and orange rind was nicely cooked, but nothing out of this world. I tried a bit of it and thought it was too citrusey for a savoury dish.

IMG_5065 [640x480]Ms hot guns chocolate pappardelle with pinenuts and blue cheese sauce was probably the best dish of the night. You can really taste the cacao and pinenuts and it imparts a truly unique flavour to the dish. The blue cheese sauce was quite mild, even for someone like me who would steer well clear from blue cheese anything thought it was awesome and not too creamy.

IMG_5072 [640x480]Hubby and I both ordered this homemade macaroni with a really chilli sausage. The mixture was delicious with a huge hit of chilli and we loved it!

IMG_5075 [640x480]Dessert time and we decided to share a mix plate of desserts. Most of the desserts are made by Nonna most likely meant quality is guaranteed (you’d hope). Our mixed platter consists of tiramisu, semi freddo, 2 mousse- one with sea salt and another with chilli and a dessert that the owner simply couldn’t translate for us but turned out to be Bavarian Cream.

We all agreed that the Tiramisu was really good not the best we had. For me, perhaps it’s because I like my tiramisu thoroughly soaked in coffee and liqueur.

The white choc semi freddo was nothing spectacular.  The mousse with sea salt was too salty to Dr. Ben, but Ms Hot Guns said nice contrast to the sweet. I thought the chilli mousse was interesting but I can’t say I love it.  Hand made by nonna, texture of mouse was fantastic.

IMG_5076 [640x480]Bavarian Cream is good. It’s like mousse but lighter with pistachio bits.

Overall, we thought Peccatori di Gola was solidly good but not truly mind-blowing, and for approx 75 Euro per couple (AUD$106) with wine it’s not a super cheap meal for what we got.  Not to worry, there are plenty of delicious food to chomp on in the next couple of weeks, but for Peccatori di Gola, 7.5/10 is what we would give this place.

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