Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume
8 Whiteman St, Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne
03 9292 4751

IMG_5004 [640x480]P.Mummy came for a visit recently in Melbourne and it was a cold, horrible wintry weekend.  We didn’t have anything planned as she haven’t decided what she wanted to have, and by the time she decided she wanted to go and have Langham Buffet, that place was fully booked.  Thankfully, Bistro Guillaume could spare a table for us so off we went to the Crown Casino eatery.

IMG_4985 [640x480]We were greeted warmly by the maitre’d and was escorted upstairs.  I have never been to the upstairs dining room before and she told us that it’s because it’s normally served as a private dining room, however, because it was quite busy that night they had to open up this area for normal customers.  Nice!

IMG_4987 [640x480]We ordered a few starters to share, one being the Spanner crab salad.  It was beautifully presented, dotted with avocado cream and tomato (?) cream.  The salad itself was very fresh and light with really clean flavours, although I found it quite small for $24.

IMG_4994 [640x480]P.Mummy ordered the onion soup $16.  The flavours were quite solid.  I once went to a cooking class with Walter Trupp and he taught us to use cider to cut the richness of the soup.  I like Walter’s onion soup better, even though I can’t say whether it’s more authentic.

IMG_4986 [640x480]I had Half a roasted chicken with Paris mash and chicken jus.  For $38 this chicken is really dry.  I mean, REALLY dry.  I still think the best roasted chicken dish I have ever had in a restaurant was Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio Bar and Grill in Vegas, and that was only $29 USD which is about AUD$31 now but at that time it was about AUD$27!  I pretty much gave most of it to Hubby and P.Mummy who didn’t care about the toughness of the chicken.

IMG_4988 [640x480]Hubby ordered the Plat du Jour $38, which was the Beef Daube- beef stew.  Hubby thought it was OK, but once again questioned whether the $38 price tag was worth it.

IMG_4992 [640x480]We all agreed though, P.Mummy’s dish was the dish of the day.  Although it looked a bit ugly in the picture and looked really boring on the menu, her John Dory with beurre noisette, capers and lemon $36 was beautifully cooked, flavoursome (mind you, it tasted very buttery!) whilst the capers and lemon gently lifted the richness of the dish.

IMG_4990 [640x480]Even though Hubby and I both have mash on the side, Hubby and P.Mummy are potato fanatics and both demanded a Paris Mash $9 on the side.

IMG_4998 [640x480]We shared two desserts, one being the profiteroles with vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.  I don’t think the profiteroles in Bistro Guillaume was the best I have ever had.  I think for Melbourne at least, The Sharing House had the best profiteroles.  Still sad that they are now closed.

IMG_5003 [640x480]P.Mummy ordered Creme Brulee $15 but as I don’t really like creme anything I really can’t comment on this.

Overall, I found Bistro Guillaume overpriced for what it served.  True, it’s in a prime location with fantastic view of Melbourne’s skyline.  And true, the food wasn’t too bad.  And yet, the only thing that would bring me back to this place is the 25% off discount on the Entertainment Book.  6/10

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