Piggy at Cinque Terre- Miky Restaurant

photo 2 [640x480]Hello everyone!  Continuing our Italian adventure with Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns, we took a train early one morning to Cinque Terre.  Arriving at noon, we decided to pop by one of the renowned eateries at Monterosso, Restaurant Miky.  Dr. Ben kept thinking it was Milky, and we kept singing “Milky Milky Cocopops” until we read the menu and realised that it was MIKY, not Milky.  Oppsss 😛

photo 1 [640x480]It was right at 12pm and the restaurant was pretty quiet, but not long after the place was filled with diners.  We quickly ordered our food as we were extremely hungry.  Cinque Terre is famous for its anchovies, and if you wrinkle your nose thinking that it was those crappy salty wet eyelashes, you are totally wrong.

photo 4 [640x480]This is da shiz.  Seriously fantastic stuffed anchovies- although it was deep fried it wasn’t oily, the flavours were just sensational.  We went back the very next night and ordered the exact same dish.  It was that good.

photo 5 [640x480]Hubby was addicted to octopus and potato salad after trying it initially in Lupino, Melbourne.  This version on Cinque Terre was obviously better- the texture contrasts were fantastic: crunchy celery, tender octopus, mashed potato, dressed in a very very nice olive oil.  Simply delicious.

photo 2 (3) [640x480]Dr. Ben and I both ordered this vongole with hand made pasta, and it came in this gigantic pan where the waiter gracefully plated it up for us.  The vongole clams were cooked perfectly, the pasta was a whole wheat organic pasta which we suspected it was handrolled.  The whole wheat pasta actually imparts a very earthy flavours- delicious.

photo 4 (3) [640x480]Oh… what is this?  You wonder…

photo 5 (3) [640x480]It’s actually Ms Hot Gun’s ravioli.  I don’t remember much about this dish to be honest, but I think Ms Hot Guns liked it but yet, it wasn’t as great as the dish coming up…

photo 3 (3) [640x480]Hubby’s less-than-impressive looking scampi pasta.  But by god, if Dr. Ben and I thought that ours was sensational, this dish was what we all called yumgasmic.  We all agreed this is the dish of the day.  Nom Nom Nom.

photo 1 (2) [640x480]We are little piggies so we decided to share 3 desserts between the four of us.  Nougat parfait on creamed amaretto was first.  I am not a huge fan of nougat but I thought this was quite nice.  Very light and not too sweet.

photo 3 (2) [640x480]My choice of warm chocolate souffle was disappointing.  I would probably call this a fondant if anything, as this was certainly no souffle.  But fondant it kind of wasn’t either, as the middle part was slightly moist but wasn’t oozing out chocolate.  The flavours were OK but it was certainly disappointing.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]BUT.  This makes EVERYTHING better.  Oh.My.God.  Think Lemon Curd.  Think Puff Pastry.  Think YUMGASMIC.   I thought I died and gone to heaven.  Yes.  YES.  YESSSS it was THAT good.

So the next night, we actually came back for another meal.  After hiking for about 8 hours in Cinque Terre, I had a bit of a sun stroke but nonetheless really enjoyed our second meal in Miky.

IMG_5131 [640x480]IMG_5128 [640x480]What?  You said.  Sashimi?  LOL yes we ordered a selection of raw fish which was surprisingly fresh.  I wanted something light after having a bit of a heatstroke and this was beautiful.  The long dish of raw fish came first and then the oysters and prawns came and we were like, erm, we didn’t order the prawns.  It turned out it’s part of the dish and for 30 euros that’s pretty awesome.

IMG_5136 [640x480]Once again we had something flamin’..

IMG_5141 [640x480]A beautiful seafood risotto for two was presented.

IMG_5151 [640x480]We also had a special which was monkfish spaghetti for two- but I wasn’t that impressed with it.  It was alright but it’s just fish pasta.

IMG_5153 [640x480]IMG_5154 [640x480]We also shared a grilled fish, but I thought it was a bit too plain for my liking.

IMG_5157 [640x480]Last but not least, we all shared a super refreshing apple sorbet.  A perfect finish to our meals.

photo 5 (2) [640x480]If you are in Monterosso al Mare, I would highly recommend Ristorante Miky.  8.5/10

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