Piggy in Cinque Terre: Ristorante via Venti

Ristorante Via Venti
Via XX settembre, 32, 19016 Monterosso al Mare, Italy
+39 0187818347

IMG_5110 [640x480]Hello again from Cinque Terre!  Tonight, we are having dinner at Old Town of Monterosso al Mare, the main town of Cinque Terre.  Being voted the fourth best restaurant in Monterosso we were excited that they could fit us in.  YAY!
IMG_5115 [640x480]One of the spesh dishes of Cinque Terre are their anchovies.  If you have read my previous blog about Ristorante Miky, you would know that the anchovies here are NOT like the ones at home.  They are not like wet eyelashes at all!  At Ristorante via Venti, we had anchovies w olive oil and lemon and capers.  It was ok, it wasn’t as good as the stuffed anchovies at Miky.
IMG_5114 [640x480]Next we ordered stuffed mussels w breadcrumbs, tomato paste and cheese… once again we were a bit disappointed.  It was not very spectacular  and the mussels can be a bit fresher.
IMG_5120 [640x480]I had a Fisherman style Spaghetti, which is like a marinara mix and mashed together to make a sauce.  We thought that it smelt and tasted slightly bad fishy but it was edible although quite salty.
IMG_5123 [640x480]Hubby had the grilled sea bass w tomato, potato and olives.  He didn’t rate it at all.  It had a lot of bones and very plain.  We don’t understand why but in Europe they don’t seem to scale their fish.  Do they not eat the skin?
IMG_5122 [640x480]Dr. Ben had the gnocchi with pesto which we all didn’t think it was that great.  The pesto tasted like the bottled stuff you can get at home but the gnocchi was soft and pillowy.
IMG_5118 [640x480]Ms Hot Guns ordered spaghetti with anchovies and pine nuts and oregano.  Ms Hot Guns thought it was delicious and we all had food envy. :/
IMG_5125 [640x480]Dr. Ben was hungry that night and also had the secondi of grilled swordfish and found it too fishy for his liking.
IMG_5124 [640x480]I had a side of mushroom sautéed in garlic and parsley but I found the flavours lacking and the mushroom slimey.
Overall, for a place which was voted fourth on Trip Advisor and received a certificate of excellence, we were extremely disappointed at the food that was offered.  We skipped dessert so we don’t waste any calories and hightailed back to our hotel in anticipation for a very difficult hike the next day.  4/10
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