Il Pirata delle 5 Terre

Il Pirata delle 5 Terre
Via gavino 36, 19018 Vernazza, Italy
0187 812047

photo 1 [640x480]It’s our second day in Cinque Terre and Ms Hot Guns led us on a massive hike across the five towns of Cinque Terre.  Originally hubby and I thought that it was a casual stroll across the five towns, but walking from Monterosso to our second town, Vernazza proved how wrong we were.  Looking back at the Trip Advisor comment, the Monterosso to Vernazza hike was described as “strenous” and “you need to have a certian level of fitness to complete”.  I was half dead when I got to Vernazza and there are still 3 more towns to go.  Yikes.  Thankfully we are having breakfast here.

photo 2 [640x480]Finding Il Pirata delle 5 Terre was a bit difficult, because we weren’t too sure where it is, but if you turn left at those red, yellow and blue umbrellas and keep going up and then turn left again where the train station is and keep going up, you will find the shop on the right.

photo(9) [640x480]Il Pirata delle 5 Terre are famous for the pastries, but not being very familiar with the pastries of Italy, I asked the friendly owner to choose for me.  He recommended the ricotta pastries, but I am not a huge fan of ricotta pastries, so I hesistated.  However the owner convinced me it’s different from what I normally have in Melbourne so I decided to try some, on top of the chocolate pastry I purchased.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]Yes, so like, we may have gone a bit nuts ordering pastries, but it’s in the name of research for you guys!  LOL

photo 3 [640x480]I know this looks like dung but it was seriously quite nice!  Dark chocolate covered pastry was not overly sweet.  Yum Yum.

photo 3 (2) [640x480]Ricotta croissant was also delicious.  Croissants in Italy is not as buttery as France but it was nice and light.  The ricotta was smooth and slightly sweet.  Once again super light in texture and tasted great with fresh strawberries.

photo 4 [640x480]Ms Hot Guns and Dr. Ben ordered this pear tart which was quite nice.  The owner came out at that point to check how our order was and we told him everything was nice.  He kept telling us “I told you ricotta is different here, you can’t compare what you have in Australia to here” which admittedly it’s correct sometimes! He also said it’s like comparing chinese food we have in Hong Kong to chinese food in London, which Dr. Ben disagreed and said Chinese food is sometimes better in London than Hong Kong.  LOL.  I guess there is always exceptions.  I guess some people can be quite put off by his demeaner, as he continued on to say people in other countries know nothing about Italian food and who he is BFFs with (Gordon Ramsay) etc.  But from my perspective I am happy to admit I know nothing and remind myself that I need to have the humility to learn so I could be a better foodie. ^^

photo 4 (2) [640x480]Hello pretty cannoli!  I must admit his pastries were good, but to be honest, I didn’t think it was out of this world.  He would probably say “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  Oh opppss that is Game of Thrones.  LOL

photo 5 (2) [640x480]We also had some refreshing blood orange granita to restore and revive us.  Then, it was on to the next town.

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