Gazi, Melbourne

2 Exhibition St, Melbourne
03 9207 7444

photo 1 (4) [640x480]If you haven’t heard, George Colombaris’ recently turned Press Club into a cheap(er) eats restaurant named Gazi.  Secretly I was thrilled- I wasn’t impressed with Press Club at all when I visited and really we seemed to have a lack of Greek food in the city (especially when Stalactites is being renovated at the moment).

photo 1 [640x480]photo 2 [640x480]Gazi seemed like a fun place to be, with terra-cotta pots hanging off the ceiling, beautiful blue “evil eye” plates made cute by Monkylicious and I, cheeky menu that said “Doing it Greek style” and “Bend Over Box”, it’s right up my alley.

photo 3 [640x480]For people with huge appetites you can get the “Doing it Greek Style” and for $69 per person, you would probably get a feast.  However, we decided to go for a la carte for the 7 of us and it turned out to be $30 a head with non-alcoholic drinks and we had to refuse dessert and roll out.

photo 4 [640x480] photo 1 (3) [640x480] photo 2 (3) [640x480]We ordered a trio of dips $19- Taramosalata with prawn crackers which not very traditional but we all thought it was the best;  Miso eggplant was seriously not traditional at all, and it had too much miso and therefore too salty;  hommus was ok but nothing outstanding.  We were given two lots of bread, which was not enough for so much dips.  We were asked with we wanted more bread, but what we didn’t know is an extra serve of bread was $2!!!  Can’t they be a little more generous with the bread?  Even with the extra serve it wasn’t enough for the dips 😦

photo 3 (3) [640x480]Next was the corn, cooked under the woodfire grill and grizzled with mayo, black sesame seed and pumpkin seed $5.5.  It was so moorish w cheeses goodness!  It was definitely as good as the ones in Mamasita!  Yum!

photo 4 (3) [640x480]I couldn’t resist ordering the Mousaka omelette $14.50.  It wasn’t big but it was certainly very rich.  You could probably share this with someone and have a salad for lunch and would be full.  The Mousaka omelette was definitely one of the best dishes in Gazi- a must try!

photo 4 (2) [640x480]Of course the most anticipated dish was the souvlakakia.  Can I just say I was a bit greedy?  All the souvlakakia included chips except the soft shell crab, but I wanted soft shell crab WITH chips.  So heehee, I asked the friendly waitress to put chips in my soft shell crab souvlakakia.

photo 5 (2) [640x480]Turns out, they are right- my soft shell crab souvlakakia doesn’t need chips as the soft shell crab itself has enough crunchy texture.  OK souvlakakia was good but not friggin awesome.  The bread was too thick and stodgy for my liking, but I suppose I can’t compare w Greece.

Cavalicious loved his beef brisket souvlakakia and Shoe Queen absolutely loved the duck souvlakakia also.

photo 3 (2) [640x480]We ordered chips with oregano and feta which was OK for $9.5.  I found the feta a bit too salty on the chips.

photo 2 (2) [640x480]

Monkylicious wanted pork belly.  For $32 I thought it was a bit steep for two rounds of pork.  We were also divided on the pork belly.  Monkylicious really liked it but Hubby and I thought the pork belly was wayyyyyy too rich.  I also thought the skin wasn’t as crunchy as it could be and Hubby didn’t like the overpowering porky smell of the pork. :/

photo 1 (2) [640x480]What was really good with the pork was the salad $12.5.  The salad was extremely refreshing after the fattiness of pork.

Overall, Gazi was pretty good but not take-my-breath-away good or even very good.  I would go again with a big group of people looking for a nice place with cheap(er) eats as it’s a great alternative to Red Spice Road.  7/10

photo 2 (4) [640x480]After Gazi, Monkylicious took me to PAX (which means Penny Arcade Expo for those non-Geeks out there).  It was the last day and there wasn’t many people dressed up apparently, but I thought their outfits are pretty awesome!

photo 3 (4)Hubby didn’t get to go but I did and I know he loved Assassins Creed, so I found a guy who is dressed as the Assassin’s Creed character and took a pic with him! Heehee!  Funny thing is, I wasn’t really sure whether he is the Assassin’s Creed dude and so I loudly asked Monkylicious, “Is he Assassin’s Creed???” a lot of guys turned around and stared at me.  Then I realised.  I could just imagine Sheldon from Big Bang Theory rolling his eyes saying, “ONE guy can’t be the WHOLE Assassin’s Creed!”  Ooopppsssyyyy.

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