Bowery to Williamsburg

I am incredibly lucky to have colleagues who trust my taste in food and let me bring them to new places to eat. “Let’s meet at 16 Oliver Lane, there is a new cafe I want to try!”

photo 1 [640x480]Even though a few of them got totally lost, they were willing to take a chance on me and take a little adventure down a little laneway near Russell and Flinders St to Bowery to Williamsburg.

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne
03 9077 0162

The crew behind Hardware Socetie opened this Amercian influence cafe not long ago. I have been dying to go there and with my Instagram and Twitter filling up with pictures and comments of their peanut butter hot chocolate, it was my number one place to visit, like, ASAP.

photo 2 [640x480]So here I am, I finally made it to Bowery to Williamsburg, with a steamy cup of peanut butter hot choc on my handing the feeling of utter content and satisfaction in my heart.

Also on offer was the Five and Dime bagels, which is one of my must eats when visiting St Kilda Farmers Market. However today, I ordered another must-have of Bowery to Williamsburg- Lox on Latkes.

photo 3 [640x480]Lox on Latkes is one of the lighter items on the menu other than fruits, bagels and granola. Two delicious hash topped with two perfectly poached eggs, lashings of smoked salmon with tufts of snow pea tendrils and slices of fennel to cut the richness of the dish.

photo 4 [640x480]My colleagues Nish and JW had the Shakshouka Eggs with hot smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, fennel and fried caper salad. All I could hear was moaning next to me and my other colleague Robo eventually asked, “Do you and your eggs need a room?”. Needless to say it was awesome.

photo 5 [640x480]Robo and Jas had baked beans but I was too busy savoring my Lox to asked whether theirs is good or not. But by the cleanliness of their plates I have no doubts they did enjoy this dish as much as I enjoyed mine.

For people who are dying to visit this yumgasmic place, please note that they don’t currently open on the weekends, so if you are visiting, go on weekdays. Go on, sneak out of work for an hour or two… It’s worth it. 😉 9/10

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