L’osteria di Giovanni

L’osteria di Giovanni
Via del Moro, 22 | Aperto Solo a Cena, 50123 Florence, Italy
+39 055 284897

IMG_5174 [640x480]Another great find by Ms Hot Guns in Florence was L’osteria Di Giovanni, hidden in one of the winding, narrow streets of Florence.

IMG_5190 [640x480]L’osteria di Giovanni is made up of a number of big and small cavernous rooms, the buzz of family eating dinner and the smell wafting through was incredible.

IMG_5175 [640x480]We got seated in one of the smaller rooms and was quickly given some delicious fried bread which was sinful and morish. Mmmmm…. We had to physically stop ourselves from finishing the second plate of this so we could make room for real food!

IMG_5177 [640x480]For starters we had a mushroom salad with truffle oil. The flavours were out of this world. Even hubby who did not like mushroom thought this dish was delicious.

IMG_5178 [640x480]We also tried the smoked goose salad. As I was not used to eating goose/duck type animals this rare, I hesistated for a moment wondering whether it’s ok to eat or not. But forever adventurous and a good foodie, I dug in anyway and it tasted good.

IMG_5181 [640x480]We also got given a small bowl of tomato and bread soup, which sounded simple but the flavours were intense… Very garlicky. Nom nom nom.

IMG_5182 [640x480]IMG_5184 [640x480]My seafood pasta was fresh and delicious but sadly the fried zuchini flowers were ordered wasn’t that great- it smelt of old oil and it had too much batter.

IMG_5180 [640x480]Dr. Ben also ordered a curry pasta which I thought was very adventurous of him but he thought it was interesting… Interesting good and not interesting bad, he clarified. ^^

IMG_5183 [640x480]IMG_5185 [640x480]Hubby and Ms Hot Guns both ordered lamb with potato, one roasted and one stewed I think. Ms Hot Guns lamb was incredibly succulent, tender and flavoursome, unfortunately hubby’s one is a bit dry and too salty.

IMG_5186 [640x480]Dr.Ben ordered a pan seared tuna covered with sesame seed. Although the tuna was perfectly cooked, it lacked flavour even with the sesame seed.

IMG_5187 [640x480]Dessert time! Unable to decide whether to order tiramisu or a lemon cake, we asked the waiter to recommend. He shrug and simply said, “you can have half and half.”. We are in dessert haven!!!!

IMG_5188 [640x480]I don’t know what Italians definition of half and half meant, but this looked like two whole desserts!

The tiramisu was good, better than the one we had in Milan. I thought the lemon cake was awesome, it had a nice balance of sweet and sourness that is so refreshing after the meal.

Overall, there were a couple of misses at L’osteria di Giovanni, but when it’s good, it’s REALLY GOOD. 7.5/10

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