The Commoner

The Commoner
122 Johnston St, Fitzroy
03 9415 6876

IMG_6214 [640x480]Welcome back The Commoner!  Ever since the fire on ANZAC day, The Commoner has been closed for about 3 months.  Considering that the whole kitchen was damaged, The Commoner has gotten back on its feet very quickly.  We visited 3 days after it reopened, and the dining room was full.  Our party of 5 got seat on a huge table near the door, and whilst we got plenty of space, we also got Melbourne chilling winds on our backs everytime people come in and go out. 😦

IMG_6216 [640x480]Thankfully, there are food to keep us warm and occupied.  Bread with paprika butter saw hubby and I fighting over MY piece of bread.

IMG_6220 [640x480]Monkylicious really wanted oysters.  Like REALLY wanted them so we all decided to have some 😀  It was super fresh.

IMG_6223 [640x480]We ordered a special of the day, which is stuffed squid.  We originally ordered a portion for five, but they ran out with only a portion for 2 left by the time our waitress put in our order.  Thankfully that was the case as the portion was quite big.   Although it lacked in texture, the squid has great flavours.

IMG_6221 [640x480]Mushroom croquette were mouthwateringly cheesy

IMG_6224 [640x480]We also ordered this gorgeous quail special which had a lovely smokey flavour to it and it was beautifully moist and full of flavour.  This was definitely the dish of the day.  I wish there was more of it!

IMG_6228 [640x480]Simply cured kingfish with apple and samphire was next.  The samphire gave it a nice salty flavour and crunchy texture, although I find the fish very very slightly fishy in flavour.

IMG_6227 [640x480]Sometimes carrots can be boring.  But not The Commoner’s version!  With a perfectly cooked egg and a generous serving of Harissa, these heirloom carrots tasted anything but boring!

IMG_6225 [640x480]Froggy once commented “u always said u don’t like beetroot but u kept ordering beetroot dishes!!”  I blame Monkylicious! She kept ordering it every time we go out! Lol.  The beetroot was served in two ways, shaved and cubed, giving it a lovely texture contrast.

IMG_6232 [640x480]I can’t believe we ate so much but we still had rolled pork belly.  By that time to be honest I was fairly full.  I realised also I don’t like eating myself… heehee.. I am not a huge huge fan of pork…. but Monkylicious seemed to be and to be honest I wanted to make my foodie friend Esky jealous cos he loves Pork Belly so I had to have some and take a photo.  It was delicious either way and the shredded swede really cuts the fattiness of the pork.

IMG_6230 [640x480]What I really loved was the lamb shoulder.  It was falling off the bones and was so flavoursome.

IMG_6231 [640x480]Hubby once again, HAVE to have potatoes.  I think I only had one as I tried to let Hubby have more.  But hubby still eyed on my potato longingly.  It was that good.

IMG_6237 [640x480]Dessert time!  (Yes… I know…. we have noooooo self control…)  I have no idea why, but every since I tasted apple pie from the Sharing House, I crave for apple pies.  So when I saw an apple and rhubarb pie on The Commoner’s menu, I HAD to eat it.  I am drooling even as I write this.  This apple and rhubarb pie is da shitz.  OMG.

IMG_6235 [640x480]Monkylicious’ Hubby, Cavalicious love his beer, so it’s no surprise that he order this Brown Ale Pudding with caramel sauce.  I think he had his eyes on it ever since he spotted it on the menu at the very beginning, and he certainly wasn’t disappointed.

IMG_6234 [640x480]St Clement’s Cream almost made me have dessert envy.  The waitress didn’t really explain what it is, but Hubby and Monkylicious took a punt and order this.  It’s really hard to explain, but it’s like a lemony pudding thing with a side of madeleine.  I got super excited about the madeleine bit, but when it came out, it was cold.  I guess nothing beats Cummulus Inc’s Lemon Curd Madeleine….

That being said, the St Clement’s Cream was delicious- creamy and tangy to be exact.  The bill was equally smile inducing- with so much food and a bottle of wine plus drinks comes to about $75 per person.  Amazeballs.  8.5/10

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