Piggy in Florence- La Bussola

After an exhausting day walking around about 10 museums, I met up with Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns for dinner.  We haven’t really planned where to eat, but Dr. Ben decided we should try some pizza place.  Once again, we wrongly turned to Trip Advisor for advice and went to La Bussola 😛

La Bussola
Via Porta Rossa, 58/R, 50123 Florence

IMG_5193 [640x480]To start, we chose a mushroom salad.  The salad was not as fragrant as the one in Giovanni’s.

IMG_5194 [640x480]Next, we had a pizza with prosciutto and funghi.  Unfortunately their prosciutto is just crappy ham and not real prosciutto.  It’s sad that they thought tourist didn’t know the difference.  The crust is also disappointingly soggy.

IMG_5195 [640x480]Another pizza we decided to share is in the “Toscany ingredients only” range- sheeps cheese from chianti and truffles.  It sounded great but….the inch thick cheese overpowered the truffle flavour and it was just wayyyyy too rich for us.  I felt so gluggy and sick after this pizza that we declined dessert and went for a walk instead.

IMG_5198 [640x480] IMG_5200 [640x480]What a beautiful view!  I never wanted to leave Florence- it was so gorgeous.

IMG_5207 [640x480]After walking for a bit, we are ready for dessert.  Heehee.

Gelateria Santa Trinita
Piazza Frescobaldi, 11-12/r Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence
+39 0552381130

IMG_5208 [640x480]There was a huge queue in this Gelateria with a HUGE variety of gelati to choose from.

IMG_5213 [640x480]Whilst I liked the flavours of my black sesame and coffee gelato, I find the gelato overly sweet.

IMG_5214 [640x480]This place also sells pasta, olive oil and wine.  Look at this super cute heart shaped pasta!  I would love to buy it but sadly we still have to travel quite a bit and I don’t really know whether the pretty hearts will survive the journey so I didn’t buy it.

IMG_5215 [640x480]This is our last night in Florence, and I can’t wait to come back.

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