Quickie with Piggy: ITO Ramen

I have been trying to be good lately and having bringing lunch to work, but was getting so sick and tired of leftovers that on pay day one day, I decided to go out and have some food.

Ito Japanese Noodle Cafe
122 Bourke St, Melbourne
03 9663 2788

photo 1 [640x480] I walked past ITO ramen, a place we went for farewell to a colleague early this year. I was skeptical of his choice of lunch spot at first, but it turned out the sushi on their sushi and udon set was surprisingly fresh. So I decided to go again.

What a mistake that was. First of all spot the difference. Yep, there’s no miso soup this time. They have forgotten 😦

photo 2 [640x480]Secondly the sushi wasn’t as fresh . The texture of the fish was mushy and had a distinct fishy flavour, signifying that is not very fresh. I had to put a lot of wasabi and soy sauce on my sushi to mask the flavour and had a bad taste in my mouth all afternoon.

I didn’t really remembered much of my udon last time as I was too busy socializing, but this time, having lunch alone, I realised because the sushi and udon came out together, the udon becomes really waterlogged. It also seemed that there is too much MSG in the soup, my mouth was dry all day.

So whilst $14.5 lunch set seemed reasonable in the city, I don’t think I would ever give it another go. 5/10

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