Our First Michelin Starred Dining in Italy: La Bottega del 30

IMG_5269 [640x480]First of all, a big hello from Siena!  We are approaching mid-way through our Italy journey, so to celebrate, I thought we should stay in a castle 😉  Castello delle Quattro Torra is definitely something special, and for 160 Euros including breakfast is not too expensive.

IMG_5273 [640x480]IMG_5329 [640x480]

IMG_5283 [640x480]We got the “apartment” which is on the first floor with huge king size bed, kitchen, a living room and the most amazing view.  Dr. Ben and Miss Hot Guns was on the second level, in the Blue Room.

IMG_5302 [640x480]I even found a Michelin Star restaurant for us to celebrate heehee! La Bottega Del 30 is approximately 45 mins drive from Castello delle Quattro Torra, surrounded by the gorgeous countryside.

IMG_5297 [640x480]We were seated in the summer courtyard in this very rustic restaurant where the owner, Elena came to greet us warmly.  We put our trust in her hands and let her feed us.

IMG_5295 [640x480] IMG_5296 [640x480]For some reason, we haven’t had really fantastic bread in Italy, but seeing these gorgeous bread put in front of us, we just knew they were fantastic.  We could simply eat this bread alone and be extremely content!

IMG_5294 [640x480]We were given an appetiser of confit tomato, anchovies and ricotta cheese- simply delicious.

IMG_5303 [640x480]Then it was this huge ass serve of formaggio, asparagus and fish dish.  This seriously could be my main- it was huge!  I don’t mind this dish but I felt that this dish is too rich to be our first course.

IMG_5314 [640x480] IMG_5315 [640x480]Oh my.  This is a ravioli with truffle cream and a perfectly fresh and gooey egg yolk that burst as you cut into the ravioli.  Ultimate egg porn.  Imagine how hard it is to cook this- it’s just amazing.

IMG_5318 [640x480]The pork with apple sauce was not very memorable.  I only remember that the pork skin wasn’t that crispy.

IMG_5319 [640x480]But this.  This was AMAZING.  I have never tasted quail so succulent and flavoursome before.  It was served with pasta cream, lentils and capsicum, the latter two I don’t care much about, but the pasta cream was nice and had a slightly grainy texture that I found more interesting than weird.  That being said the quail was definitely the star of the dish.

IMG_5323 [640x480]We had the pineapple sorbet as a palette cleanser, which is refreshing after all the rich dishes we ate.

IMG_5325 [640x480] Our dessert was the “petite fours” – the furthest left hand corner was a creme brulee.  I don’t normally order creme brulee and this one was licorice flavoured.  I don’t actually like licorice so this is certainly not one of my favourite dessert.

The little nuts are candied cashew nuts- it was caramelised but not too sweet- it was just perfect.

IMG_5324 [640x480]The one in front is a sesame parfait- surprisingly flavoursome and light.  The chocolate brownie on the right was good but wasn’t very spectacular, although it was atopped with a candied mint leaf, which I found very interesting.

Overall I quite like La Bottega del 30.  Although not all the dishes met my expectations as a one Michelin Star restaurant, that egg yolk pasta dish with truffles and the quail were definitely yumgasmic.  Other than food, La Bottega del 30 has certainly got an awesome atmosphere and warm hospitality.  If I am back in the ‘hood I will visit again. 8/10

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