The Grain Store

A few years ago, the arse side of Melbourne (ahem, I mean the “New York” end) devoids of good breakfast spots, but as that end of town slowly changes and with the emergence of Earl Canteen, Coffee Eclipse etc, our breakfast options are looking more and more appealing.

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The talk of town nowadays is obviously Grain Store, tucked in a non-descript commercial building, with simply a small logo on its awnings.

The Grain Store
517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
03 9972 6993

Em suggested going there for breakfast one day and Of course I said yes! I even went a day before to check out the menu. Oh my gosh. I had to send an emergency text to Em crying for help:

Man! Just checked out the menu of grain store now I am hungry. And confused. Cos I want the orange cured salmon.. And the chilli sausage… And the nashi brioche… And the apple and rhubarb something…


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Anyway, that highly aniticpated day finally arrived. Our waiter was energetic and friendly, and it didn’t take long for my lemongrass and ginger tea to arrive to warm my cold cold hands. Grain Store uses loose tea leaves which gave an oomph on the flavour front. I wouldn’t mind if they had ask me whether I wanted a refill of hot water so I can enjoy a few more cups.

I eventually did decide on the chilli and fennel sausage with veggie rosti and poached egg, after trying unsuccessfully to convince Em to order a sweet and a savory plate to share ;p

photo 4 [640x480]This sounded so wrong but the sausage was huge. And quite flavoursome. *cue porno music*. Anyhoo. Back to the dish. This was unquestionably a very hearty breakfast and a twist to sausage and potatoes, however I find the whole dish a bit too rich. I thought the kale under the sausage will provide some relief from the richness, but alas it was quite oily. I really wanted to like this dish but it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Em’s gluten free bread with haloumi cheese, bacon and potato rosti looked really good, so I had a tinge of food envy.

photo 3 [640x480]I would love to say that I like Grain Store, but in reality it didn’t quite live up to the hype. I must say my favorites are still Bowery to Williamsburg and Hardware Societe in the city at least, but maybe I will give Grain Store another go a few months down the track and see if I change my mind. 6.5/10

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