Cooking Class with Nonna Ciana in Siena

IMG_5355 [640x480]Continuing our foodie excursion to Siena, the gorgeous castle that we stayed at also offers cooking class at another property, so Dr. Ben, Ms HotGuns and I decided to try our hand at authentic Italian cooking with Nonna whilst hubby is holed up in his castle with man-flu.

Our classes starts at 4pm and right on the dot I got a loud knock on my door. When I open the door there stood a beautiful and vibrant Italian woman who literally took my breath away. My mind went a bit confused, thinking “Nonna??!!??”

It turned out, that was Nonna’s assistant, gorgeous Caterina. Alas, even gorgeous Caterina couldn’t resist the charms of Dr.Ben. After introducing himself in fluent Italian, Dr. Ben charmed his way into Caterina’s heart and became her assistant the whole night. Lucky bloke!

IMG_5357 [640x480]We took a quick drive in the beautiful Siena countryside, before stopping in this beautiful house. We started off with some wine (of course!) and off we went making pasta. Because we had a huge class (my god there was about 20 people there!), we were separated into 2 teams.

IMG_5342 [640x480]One team making tagliatelle, another making ravioli. We swapped halfway during the class.  We learnt that making pasta, especially ravioli, is HARD WORK!  We also learnt that handrolled pasta, which we made, had a rougher texture and slightly uneven length as opposed to machine rolled pasta, and from thenon whenever we ate pasta we will snobbily go, “Meh, this is not handrolled!” 😛

Sadly, as I began to start getting hubby’s man flu, I stayed away as much as possible, feeling extremely fatigue and achy all over.

Thankfully Ms Hot Guns had some Panadol and it worked- just in time for me to eat! LOL!

We started off with some bruschetta with marinated tomato. It was simple but the tomato was bursting with flavours.

IMG_5362 [640x480]We also had ravioli that was simply dressed with pepper, butter and cheese. The ravioli we made had just the right amount of spinach and cheese, it wasn’t like the cheese heavy ravioli we normally have at home. Delicious.

IMG_5366 [640x480]IMG_5368 [640x480]The tagliatelle was made with zucchini, zucchini flowers and mint, which was obviously very different from what we normally had. Thinking about it I should really try to make this again, it tasted so wholesome and yummy at the same time!

IMG_5370 [640x480]We also had a chicken Marsala dish where a few people got really confused as to whether we are making an Indian dish. Fear not, Marsala is an Italian wine! Nonna Ciana uses chicken breast to cook this, I am not a huge fan of chicken breast, but boy, when Nonna Ciana cooked it, it was amazing!

IMG_5372 [640x480]Lastly we had this amazing cheesecake made by a chef at the property’s restaurant.  It was amazingly light, similar to Japanese cheesecake, and not too sweet either.  I was DYING for that recipe but sadly, because it’s not technically part of the cooking class they didn’t give it to me… *cries*

IMG_5337 [640x480]Did I enjoy my class and food?  Absolutely!  Even though I was a bit sick, I still had a great time and had a great feed.  The only negative is the cost of the class.  For 90 Euros we thought we’d had a more intimate class.  As Dr. Ben puts it, “Gee Nonna Ciana is raking it in!”

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