Sydney Foodie Trip Stop One: Gumshara Ramen

photo 1 [640x480]For some weird reason Hubby and I decided to go for a drive- all the way to Sydney! After waking up at 3am to hit the road, I think my excitement of the thought of a road trip waned by about 5am. The road was horribly dark and I was incredibly sleepy. A nano sleep later though, the sun began to rise and it was breaktakingly beautiful.

photo 2 [640x480]We eventually arrived in Sydney about 10 hours later and the first spot we hit of course, is Gumshara. Hubby haven’t had Gumshara before and for people who doesn’t know, Gumshara is situated at the back of a dinghy food court in Sydney’s Chinatown.

photo 3 [640x480]


Gumshara Ramen
Shop 211 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket Chinatown, Sydney
0410 253 180


Gumshara’s Facebook description said, “Pork + pork + pork bones + pork + some wheat + pork water + SUCCESS = Gumshara” lol. So obviously, their drawing card is their Tonkotsu (pork base) ramen.

Because Hubby is a Gumshara virgin, I decided to order the most expensive, gigantic bowl of Tonkotsu ramen- the Super Mega Tonkotsu noodle $25. Buyers beware: this is a seriously huge bowl of ramen with heart clogging properties! However since we rarely eat a bowl of ramen cos well, good ramen in Melbourne is virtually non-existent, and we are sharing, I thought it was justifiable.

For me, there are 4 essential things that should be good about the ramen: noodle, soup, egg and meat. I am not a huge meat person so I did put the meat last. I will score everything out of 5 with the total of 20 points 🙂

photo 4 [640x480]Look at this huge ass bowl of noodles! First criteria: Noodles. I hate to admit it but I don’t actually like straight white noodles in ramen. I prefer yellow wriggly ones. That being said this one has a nice yielding bite to it and it really suited the soup which clings onto the ramen. 3.5/5

Second criteria: Soup. The soup is pretty much the soul of the bowl of ramen. Gumshara claims that it doesn’t use MSG, just lots and lots of pork bones and pork, all mashed up together to make this incredibly thick soup. For those who loves pork they would definitely be in heaven, but for me, I find the soup too one dimensional for my liking and I had to chuck a lot of sesame seed and chilli powder in it to try and make the flavour more interesting. That being said a lot of bones means higher calcium intake so it’s totally good for you right? 3.5/5

Third criteria: Egg. Their egg, on the other hand, was incredible. Perfectly cooked (I ordered an extra serve of eggs by the way), the whole yolk is still in its gooey perfection. The egg is seasoned, but it compliments the whole dish rather than taking all the attention from the ramen. 5/5

Last but not least: Pork. As previously mentioned I am not a huge meat person, and I usually don’t rate the pork in the ramen (and would normally give it to hubby). But THIS pork, is a must eat. The ribs are super flavoursome, tender and with a nice caramel used flavour to it. I could seriously chew on that pork bone the whole day. The slices of pork charshu was just as incredible. Even though it looked as if it would paled to the comparison of the ribs, it was actually full of flavour and oh so tender. It made me seriously crave for this charshu although I don’t normally even give two thoughts about it. 5/5

A total of 17.5/20 and Gumshara well deserve it. I think hubby and I would both agree we will be going back for more next time we are in Sydney!

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