Sydney Foodie Trip Stop Two: Sokyo

Level G, The Darling, The Star, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont
02 9657 9161

IMG_6307 [640x480]Dr. Ben has been raving on and on and on about Sokyo even before he left for London.  He and Ms Hot Guns have gone to Sydney several times in tempt to work through the whole menu.  So when we decided to take a road trip up to Sydney, this was one of the must-trys in Sydney.  (Well, other than Momofuku, which as we only decided to have this road trip last minute, we were unable to book!)

IMG_6293 [640x480]Sokyo is situated in The Star, with super sexy decor and it looked a little bit similar to the decor of Sake if truth be told.  We were lucky that it’s crab month, so there were a selection of crab orientated dishes on offer: crab chawanmushi, crab tempura and crab robata.

IMG_6292 [640x480]We heard that the cocktails are smashin’ in here, so we decided to order some cocktails to start with.  Eden Hall $20 is fruity and very easy to drink.  Yum Yum!  Such a small glass certainly didn’t last me long.

IMG_6294 [640x480]We heard a lot about the sashimi in Sokyo, $60.  The sashimi was beautifully presented, with a selection of super fresh tuna, kingfish, salmon and scallops plus a number of different dipping sauces to choose from:  yuzu, Sashimi soy, sesame and one other stronger flavoured sauce.  It would have been good if they would suggested which sauce to go with which.   Sashimi like the scallop was not suitable to use the stronger flavoured sauce as it would overpower the delicate flavours of scallop.

IMG_6297 [640x480]We had the crab month special, crab chawanmushi to share $15.  Hubby loved the chawanmushi, which was indeed beautiful cooked, however, they have added butter into the chawanmushi, which in my opinion ruined the delicate flavours of the steam egg and crab.

IMG_6299 [640x480]Our next sashimi dish was the Yuzu Honey Scallop $16.  It was weird that the chawanmushi, a hot and certainly richer dish, came before this dish.  Either way I love the scallops, especially with the bits of crunchy fried onions to vary the texture.  Hubby though, didn’t like the dish as it’ a bit too sweet for him.

IMG_6300 [640x480]Tempura Moreton bay bug $26 was nothing to rave about.  Good tempura should be lightly battered and not oily at all, but this tempura in Sokyo had slightly too much batter and a bit oily.  The salad on top didn’t really add much to the dish, it wasn’t very flavourful at all.

IMG_6301 [640x480]Our second last dish of the night, which was the special for crab month, was the crab and uni robata $40.  This was delicious- the uni had a beautiful chargrilled buttery flavour and the crab was sweet and juicy.  Hubby felt that the uni flavours were lost in this dish though, whereas I quite like the different flavour by heating up the uni.

IMG_6303 [640x480]Our last dish was once again, super confusing.  We totally forgot that we still got this dish as we had all the richer foods already, but this dish, the Queensland $21 came last.  This is the Sokyo new style “sushi rolls”,  which consists of crab stuffed inside rice, wrapped in soy paper and with a smear of spicy avocado paste on top.  The flavour was alright, and I quite like the crunchy toasted rice on top to give it a bit of texture.  Sadly I felt that this dish was a bit bland and it was most inappropriate to put this as the last dish of the night when we had so much rich flavoured food.

IMG_6306 [640x480]

Dessert time!  Our extremely friendly waiter highly recommended Goma Street, but readers who know me understand that my eyes simply cannot move from anything peanut butter, and the peanut butter fondant caught my eyes and my heart was set on this.   The peanut butter fondant $14 doesn’t have a huge peanut butter flavour, which was a bit sad, but it was nonetheless very nice and I still reckon I would order it if I ever visit Sokyo again.

IMG_6305 [640x480]Hubby, on the other hand, did not want to disappoint our friendly waiter, so he order the chocolate trio $24, which consists of Goma Street, the peanut butter fondant and chocolate ganache.  I tried a bit of Goma street.  It was indeed quite nice, but I still liked the fondant better.  The chocolate ganache was nothing to rave home about, but Hubby didn’t mind it.

Overall, Sokyo was alright.  I found that the order of dishes coming out was slightly out of sync and not a lot of their dishes were truly outstanding.  For a fairly expensive night out, I expected more from them.  7/10

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