Sydney Foodie Trip Stop 4: Four in Hand

Four in Hand
105 Sutherland St, Paddington, NSW
02 9362 1999

I love Twitter.  Sometimes when I am out of ideas for what to eat, I will post a question on Twitter and someone would tell me where to try and almost 100% of the time, people gave me some pretty good suggestions.  So thank you, Jeroxie and Mick Russell, for recommending Four in Hand 🙂

IMG_6311 [640x480]

We arrived at 6pm for an early dinner but soon enough the dark and cosy dining room started to fill.  We decided to try their 5 course degustation for $95, putting our selection on the chef’s hands.  Although the degustation menu mentioned that we would get lamb for our fourth course, the waitress apologetically told us that they will be serving roast pig tonight.  Which sounded good, except in hindsight, with their second course also a pork dish, it was slightly too much pork.  Anyway, I will get to that bit later.

We started off with some kale chips with slightly spicy dipping sauce.  It was nice and crunchy and perfectly staves off my rumbly tummy ^^

IMG_6312 [640x480]Our first course was the crab with fennel custard and hazelnut.  It was fresh, light and delicious.

IMG_6313 [640x480]Next was the braised pig tail with prawn, prawn bisque and pork crackling.  I am normally not a huge fan of piggy tail but instead of this disgusting fattiness around the pig’s tail, it was gelatinous and didn’t feel extremely fatty at all.  The prawn bisque has a beautiful depth and flavour and the little dots of samphire provided tiny burst of the flavours of the sea.  I am not a huge fan of this type of pork rind crackling but nonetheless I quite like it dipped in prawn bisque.  It was so delicious I even ate the shells of the prawns (calcium, right?!)

IMG_6315 [640x480]Our third course was the warm corned beef with bresaola and nashi pear.  Hubby didn’t like it, he thought it was too salty.  I kinda didn’t mind it, especially the warm and cold beef contrast and the sweet nashi pear that cuts through the saltiness.

IMG_6316 [640x480]Our last savoury course was the roasted piggy!  Although as previously mentioned, the double pork thing in hindsight was a bit too much, I think I just felt overall there were just too much meat in general.  That being said we had the menu, and we were forewarned, so there were no points lost because of that.  The pig was perfectly cooked, once again the crunchy pork rind featured and there was also a ball of deep fried pork in the middle just to make things interesting.  This dish was simply a bit too rich for me and I had to give almost half of it to hubby as I simply could not take another bite.

Dessert time!!!!!!  Or was it?  Well we don’t know.  Cos we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The table next to us ordered dessert and theirs came.  Ours didn’t.  We wait some more.  The bus we were gonna take back home have been and gone, and still no sign of our dessert.  The table next to us finished their dessert, paid for the dinner, ate their petite fours, still no sign of our dessert.  We waited for about half an hour, then finally, our desserts were plonked down on the table.  No apologies, no explanation.  Not even my exclamation of “At last” illicit any sort of response.  Hm.  No description of what the whole dessert is about either.

IMG_6318 [640x480]The dessert, chocolate malt, was really delicious.  I love the malty cocoa powder, the little orbs of chocolate icecream and crispy caramelised flakes.  The whole thing is not very sweet which was good as I don’t have a hugely sweet tooth.

The bill, once again was plonked on our table without a word, nor the petite fours we saw the table had next to us.  Was it because they gave a little something to the waitress?  We don’t know.  If it was, is Sydney becoming a little bit like the US, where you have to bribe the waitress to get petite fours?  Either way from the last savoury course we were left with a bitter taste in our mouths.  There is not doubt the food was good, if not mind blowing, but if this is the service we would get from Four in Hand, I am not going back ever.  7/10

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