Froggy’s Surprise Birthday in Brisvegas: Public

It’s Froggy’s 30th Birthday a few weeks ago and on her birthday weekend, Monkylicious and I decided to surprise her. We planned a few surprises: 1) We would jump out of a box dressed as cats wearing ribbons (the things you do for love!) 2) We would take her to a pampering session 3) Lastly a big surprise party in Public with about 16 of her closest friends.

IMG_6291 [640x480]I am not too sure whether it was jinx from the start. But on the very day of her birthday surprise, she has booked herself and her Hubby Charlie to another formal dinner! Arrrggghhhh. We had to try to cancel her dinner behind her back but she found out and demanded to know why her dinner had been cancelled! Thankfully Charlie somehow fumbled his way through that one and she didn’t suspect that much.

Surprise Number One:  Jumping out of the box!

So as I was saying, we decided to surprise her by jumping out of a box dressed up as cats.  You know how sometimes you have friends you do really stupid and embarrassing things together?  Well, Monkylicious and Froggy are such friends.  Last time they were down in Melbourne and we were all dressed up, taking a tram to my birthday party.  The tram turned the corner and Monkylicious pushed me (her version is that she “tried to save me”) and I fell on my ass on the tram floor and the WHOLE TRAM SAW IT… SIGH.

ANYWAY.  THIS TIME.  We were all dressed up as cats, which is weird enough when we got to her house.  I got into the box when Monkylicious decided that SHE wanted to get into the box with me.  Well, I THOUGHT two of us would fit.   It totally didn’t.  The box just exploded as we shifted our weight and we both fell on our asses.  I seriously wonder whether we should have a career change and become something like Hamish and Andy.  We had to improvise and hide behind the box and cover ourselves with a blanket instead.  Thankfully Froggy was still suitably surprise when she saw us.  LOL

Surprise Number Two: Relaxing Massage

Surprise Number Two is a spa treatment from the Revival Lounge in Brisbane CBD.  We arrived just in time for our treatment, but on our way up we got stuck in the lift!  We banged the lift doors and tried to call for help but the phone number was incorrect in the lift.  Thankfully there is still mobile reception in the lift and we managed to call the lift company (who is NOT HELPFUL AT ALL) and the Revival Lounge to let them know we are stuck.

photo [640x480]

Finally, we managed to get rescued by the gorgeous girls from the Revival Lounge!  Thanks girls!  If we had to wait for the stupid lift technicians we would have been stuck there for 1.5 hours.  With all the excitement we managed to calm down with a super awesome and relaxing massage.  I even fell asleep in mine.  Highly recommended.  Just don’t take the lift.

Surprise Number 3: Surprise Birthday Party at Public
Level 1, 400 George Street, Brisbane
07 3210 2288

Our girls night out turned into a surprise birthday party with 16 of Froggy’s closest friends.


IMG_6265 [640x480]I cannot believe I haven’t heard of Pepe Saya, but we were served bread with individual Pepe Saya butter.   Oh my.  It was a mindblowing discovery.  I just wish there were more bread so I could actually finish my Pepe Saya, but sadly, extra bread incurs extra charge.  :/  Although the waitress was right in saying that we wouldn’t need more bread as our banquet includes so much food, I just wish there was enough bread for the butter/ the butter was packaged just enough for one slice, as I desperately hate wasting such awesome butter.

IMG_6267 [640x480]Even though the menu said it’s a three course menu, the menu is separated into 3 clusters.  The first clusters were bread+entree+salad, second clusters seafood + chips+more salad, third clusters are also savouries with meat+meat+crabs!  That IS a lot of food!

IMG_6269 [640x480]So this is from the first cluster: squid, wasabi and coriander as well as beetroot salad, labna and orange.  All perfectly cooked, with lots of vegies to make it super healthy.  The dishes were shared by approximately 4 people, so the portions were not huge.

IMG_6273 [640x480]Second cluster was the Barramundi with smoked tomato and black basil.  The fish wasn’t as fresh as we would have liked it.

IMG_6270 [640x480]The pumpkin was sweet and delicious and the salt and vinegar chips were irresistible, even though I don’t actually like vinegar on my chips.

IMG_6280 [640x480]Our third cluster was a massive plate of saltbush lamb, was beautifully cooked and super tender

IMG_6286 [640x480]IMG_6283 [640x480]We also had this AMAZING melt in your mouth beef brisket with warmed soft tacos and coleslaw.  Gorgeous.

IMG_6279 [640x480]Chorizo, manchego Mac’n’cheese was just yumgasmic- I just wish there was more.  There was also a plate of peas which wasn’t very memorable, but by that time we were very very full already.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of food in Public, for $65 per person, it was the quality and quantity was worth every penny spent.  8.5/10.

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