Mr Huang Jin

Mr Huang Jin
Ground Floor Rialto Building 525 Collins St, Melbourne
03 9077 7937

photo 3 (2) [640x480]One lazy weeknight, Hubby and I decided to have dinner before going back home.  I have long heard about Mr Huang Jin and his XLBs (LOL that sounded a bit wrong in my dirrty mind!) so I insisted we try this on our way back home.  Previously a cafe in Rialto tower, this was a massive space with split floors.  I can imagine the lunch time crowds in here, but for an early Wednesday night, it was relatively quiet and Hubby was skeptical of its quality.  Nonetheless he promised to try Mr. Huang Jin with me so in we went.

photo 1 [640x480]

On perusing the menu- there are so much decisions to make!  There are at least 6 types of Xiao Long Baos!  Holy hell!  We decided to order a Xiao Long Bao (Shanghainese Soup Bun) to share, as well as a main each.

photo 2 [640x480]We thought we’d try a more unique XLB in Mr Huang Jin: The Laksa  Xiao Long Bao $11.  The skin has an interesting texture, not the usual Xiao long bao skin.  The skin seemed very thin but strong so the soup doesn’t burst and leak everywhere.  I wasn’t sure if I like the texture of the skin though.  The bao itself was on the smaller side, but we really liked the innovative laksa soup base.

photo 4 [640x480]photo 1 (2) [640x480]Hubby ordered a Taiwanese beef curry.  I didn’t even know Taiwan has beef curry!  LOL.  Hubby really liked his Taiwanese beef curry, so I only get to try one small bite 😦  It has a kick to it and the beef was super tender.

photo 2 (3) [640x480]My soft shell crab with sticky rice $15 was in the Chef Specials, which I am not too sure whether it would change regularly or not.  The soft shell crab w/ sticky rice is probably a updated version of steamed crab w sticky rice.  While I don’t mind this version of it as I love soft shell crab, this felt more like 2 separate dishes, it wasn’t very cohesive.

photo 3 [640x480]Overall, I quite like Mr Huang Jin.  The food might not be very traditional and sometimes it might not be 100% cohesive but I like the innovation of the dishes and the service was pretty good.  It is also a rarity that hubby commented the food is good, so I will definitely be back when I get a chance.  7.5/10 ^^

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