Vue de Monde

Vue de Monde
Level 55 Rialto Towers, Melbourne
03 9691 3888

IMG_6336 [640x480]OMG OMG OMG!  Imagine my excitement when P.Mummy decided that she wanted to take us out for a treat, and gave us a budget that’s out of this world!  What to do but to take her to the top of the world in Melbourne: Vue de Monde.

IMG_6324 [640x480]As we went up the super sleek elevator to the 55th floor of Rialto Tower, through the secret doors that housed the wine, past the kitchen on to our table, decorated with a few pieces of rocks and twigs.  Very cool.  Very zen.  P.Mummy was already blown away.

IMG_6334 [640x480]We felt like some cocktails and a very cheeky cocktail list was presented to us.  How cute is this?

IMG_6322 [640x480]For starters to whet our appetite there were the vinegar chips with macadamia nut dip and apple bits.

IMG_6329 [640x480]

IMG_6332 [640x480]And compliments from the chef there are the old favourites like the white chocolate crust eel and cavier- sweet, salty, succulent; and the Himilaya Salt Cured Wallaby

IMG_6333 [640x480]We also got some new stuff which we didn’t get last time, like the marshmallow with crunchy savoury bits, deep fried prawn head and for me who don’t really like prawns, I got this little gel dumpling.  And thankfully didn’t get the prawn head cos P.Mummy and Hubby said it was tasteless!

IMG_6337 [640x480]It was only after those awesome appetisers do we need to decide what to have.  With P.Mummy’s permission, I got us the 5 course tasting menu ($200pp).  Our first course was the marron with lamb brains.. ahem… I mean, sweetbreads, and lamb floss.  Don’t be put off by the lamb brains!  It’s delicious!

IMG_6339 [640x480]Next course it’s a dog’s breakfast… I am kidding!  It’s a nod to brekkie with a 65/60 egg, perfectly oozing with yolk porn that you will probably see on my instagram feed.

We had a beautiful interlude where we had this gorgeous herb that got snap frozen on the spot with cucumber sorbet to cleanse our palette.  Sadly my camera doesn’t like all the smoke and theatricals and I couldn’t take a picture of it..

IMG_6340 [640x480]After cleansing our palette, it’s onto our next course which is the beautifully cooked barramundi with barramundi foam, and what I thought was leek, but it was actually a very skillfully peeled and cooked potato.  Yum Yum!

IMG_6345 [640x480]Our next dish was our last savoury dish of the night.  Wait, what is this?  A big beautiful plate with little dots?  No there is more theatrics to come:

IMG_6343 [640x480]IMG_6347 [640x480]Our waitress cooked our David Blackmore Wagyu for us on our table, it felt a little bit Japanesey, a little bit Barbequey but either way, this gorgeous beef is plated up with a nod to the Aussie BBQ, with beetroot, salt bush, Vue de Monde’s house made tangy BBQ sauce and a very tender piece of slow cooked beef (pictured left).

IMG_6348 [640x480]Our little drink that prepare us for dessert is a very cleansing kale, celery and coconut juice.  It actually tasted really good.  Well, better than the green detox juice I make every morning!

IMG_6350 [640x480]Time for dessert!  It just so happens we sat outside a window overlooking the dessert chef who makes the souffle.  Embarrassingly P.Mummy who is a souffle lover kept walking up to the dessert window and looking at it >.<  LOL.  So of course she was gonna order the signature dessert- Chocolate souffle!  The chef even looked up to see whether she liked it, whereby she waved and gestured with a huge thumbs up!  *SUPER EMBARASSING*

IMG_6351 [640x480]Anyhoo, on to hubby’s dessert, his was a rhubarb white chocolate with coffee icecream and chocolate soil.  We were offered a tea matching which hubby took up, but disappointingly the tea matching (nor P.Mummy’s coffee for the matter) came with the dessert.  We waited and waited, even until half of hubby’s icecream melted before the bloody tea came.  Hubby didn’t think much of it.  We felt a little bit let down by this to be honest.

IMG_6352 [640x480]Although my dessert looked really weird and milky at first, I actually quite like it.  Although *ahem* embarrassingly due to dessert envy and P.Mummy’s fanfare of her souffle I didn’t ahem actually catch what my dessert was.. something buttermilk icecream something.  It tasted a bit malty and the rocket really lifts the richness of this dish.

IMG_6356 [640x480]And just as you thought it was the end, we were given petite fours to finish off with.  There were some white chocolate seashells, coin-like jelly, eucalyptus icecream pops and lamingtons.  Vue de Monde even took care of our breakfast tomorrow, giving us a “morning after” package of brioche bread, cereal, chocolate cookies and breakfast tea.

IMG_6359 [640x480]I love Vue de Monde.  I would certainly say it was one of my favourite restaurants in the fine dining category.  Sadly, because it was fine dining and I had high hopes for it, we all found it quite disappointing that the tea matching didn’t come in time for the dessert.  Another small thing was that when they store my jacket, they hung it with on top of a male jacket which was not from our table.  It might be a bit of a mix up but the concierge did try to give that man’s jacket to me as well as my own jacket!  Imagine how annoyed that male patron would be if I took his jacket!  Also, thankfully the guy didn’t have BO or awful cologne or else my jacket would have stunk!  I just thought Vue de Monde would have taken more care with these things.  It might have been an off night, but for that experience, I am giving that night an 8/10.

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