The Italian Restaurant and Bar

The Italian Restaurant and Bar
101 Collins St Melbourne
03 9654 9499

I recently received a Dimmi email about 50% off fresh and luscious Italian in the heart of CBD and thought ohhhh let’s check it out- I like a deal! Turns out the deal is for The Italian restaurant, located in the very posh Paris end of Collins St, hidden in a building full of law firms and investment banks.

IMG_6360 [640x480]We had to change our bookings several times before we could dine but the staff were more than accommodating and honor the 50% off deal. I also requested comfy seats for my pregnant friends and we got a very comfy and huge booth.

IMG_6361 [640x480]We started with some entrees to share: kingfish carpaccio, croquettes and calamari fritti. I thought the kingfish carpaccio was ok. It wasn’t as fresh as I would like it to be and it wasn’t very well seasoned. It kinda had spots of nicely salted areas and bits that was tasteless.

IMG_6362 [640x480]The croquettes were slightly soggy and wasn’t piping hot as it arrived at our table.

IMG_6363 [640x480]The calamari fritti were nice and morish,I think we should have just ordered two servings of this to share.

IMG_6365 [640x480]For our mains, the boys ordered tuna steaks and the girls ordered crab spaghettini. Once again I felt that the crab spaghettini arrived not piping hot and I can smell the not-very-fresh fishy smell when the dish was presented. I was quite underwhelmed by this dish and added copious amount of pepper in it.

IMG_6364 [640x480]Our boys fare far better with their protein focussed dish. The tuna was nicely seared on both sides and imparts a delicious chargrilled flavour. For once this huge carb person actually had food envy of what hubby is eating.

IMG_6366 [640x480]We also ordered some sides,broccoli with chilli and anchovy salad. I wasn’t sure where the chilli was. It seemed to have been replaced by a mystery white sauce. Other than that the whole dish was dry and the broccoli a bit under seasoned. We were not sure whether we were supposed to cut the anchovies into bits and eat with the broccoli (I did) but our friends basically shoved the anchovies into their mouths and go “ohhhh salty salty!” Then shove a bunch a broccoli to go with it. Lol

We also ordered fries, which was okay. Nothing to rave home about.

IMG_6367 [640x480]What we were not very impressed with also was our waitress’ service. I wasn’t sure if it was because she knew we were stingy bastards who gets 50% off their food but boy was she grouchy! After asking whether we wanted wine (we declined) then it was service without a word. Putting down our menus without a word, clearing our plates without a word, putting down our dessert menu without a word. Nor a smile for that matter. It was a bit sad really cos the rest of the staff seemed so friendly and genuine. Either way with the food being a bit of a hit and miss and the lack of service I doubt if we would come back for a full price meal, which would have been about $50 per person. 6.5/10

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