All’Osteria Bottega

All’Osteria Bottega
Via Santa Caterina, 51, 40123 Bologna, Italy
+39 051 585111

After our gorgeous castle stay in Siena, we drove back to Florence to take a train to Bologna. Once again, I would not recommend Europcar as returning the damn car was as hard and error filled as hiring the bloody thing in the first place.

IMG_5376 [640x480]In Bologna we are staying at a hotel called Al Cappello Rosso. Now I still don’t really see the attraction of Bologna, a city that is filled with graffiti and really old, worn out buildings, but Al Cappello Rosso was an exception. From their extremely friendly service to their complimentary water to quench our thirst in the summer heat, to their comfy bed, what I loved most was their themed rooms.

photo 4 [640x480]photo 5 [640x480]Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns had this story book room where the whole room are painted with whimsical story book-like characters.

photo 3 [640x480]Our room has a “noise” theme, so the whole room was padded with non-absorbing foam! LOL is it trying to say something about us? Maybe!

IMG_5379 [640x480]That night, we went to All’Osteria Bottega for dinner as we heard great things about it. Hidden in a little laneway near a dumpster, this place felt a little Melbourney!

IMG_5378 [640x480]We were given this weird chalky little rolls to munch on whilst we check out the menu.  It’s kinda weird with the texture like the Hong Kong style Bubble Biscuit.

IMG_5381 [640x480]To start, we ordered the Aged Black Pig guanciale and mortadella €9 each. We couldn’t believe it when one of the meat is all white- full of fat rather than meat! OMG! We could virtually feel our arteries clogging. That being said the fat was full of flavour and was more delicious than the mortadella that was also on the plate.

IMG_5386 [640x480]IMG_5389 [640x480]When in Bologna, eat their Bolognaise Ragu Pasta and so we did €14. What we found in Bologna is that their ragu (ahem what we called “Spaghetti Bolognaise” is very meat focussed, none of this bullshit tomato/mushroom/veggies in the way. Do we actually like it? Mmmm… It might be authentic but it’s really dry and a bit tasteless.  We had to chuck a lot of cheese on top for flavour.  The pasta was machine made, which Ms Hot Guns and I turned our noses up at, ever since we learnt how to make fresh, hand rolled pasta back in Siena.

IMG_5387 [640x480]Dr. Ben tried to be different and ordered the tortellini in a broth, which wasn’t very flavorful at all. We kept joking that he must have felt like he was eating the “Western” style Hong Kong breakfast of pasta soup.  LOL

IMG_5393 [640x480]For mains, Hubby had a free range chicken.  The chicken was really dry and tough and it was unseasoned.

IMG_5395 [640x480]Dr. Ben had meatballs and it was tiny and really dry.  He wasn’t impressed at all.

IMG_5397 [640x480]I ordered pigeon and the owner warned that it will be cooked rare, but I was game.  I have never had rare pigeon before, especially when bird flu is such a threat in Hong Kong, everything is fully cooked.  But man what an awesome gamble.  The pigeon was flavoursome, it was tender, it was juicy.  Delicious and the one of the best pigeon I have ever had.  With all the disappointed sighs emitting from my fellow diners I was in a state of bliss.

IMG_5394 [640x480]Whilst this is the case with the pigeon, disappoints continued with the sides.  The asparagus was old and stringy.  There is only 2 quarters of an egg- it’s not even enough for me!

IMG_5398 [640x480]The potato was also a disappointment, overly salted, over cooked and very very dry.  Ms Hot Guns couldn’t believe that you can stuff up potatos!  The skin felt tough and plasticky.  We simply could not believe the rave reviews this restaurant has!

IMG_5385 [640x480]All’Osteria Bottega was really a disappointment.  I wish every dish was like the gorgeous pigeon they served me, but sadly, I could only give All’Osteria Bottega a 5.5/10.


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