Cremeria Funivia

Cremeria Funivia
Piazza Cavour, Bologna, Italy
+39 051 614 5062

photo 1 (3) [640x480]My friend, let me let you in on a secret: Cremeria Funivia is my favourite gelato spot in this Italy trip!  I pretty much visited it twice each day to get my gelato fix, and I don’t even love gelato or icecream that much.  It’s that fcking good.

IMG_5430 [640x480]This place has this really clinical look and feel to it with minimal decorations, but what it lacks in warm it was more than made up for it with their smiley servers.  I think one of them even recognised me by the end of my 2.5 day stay!

photo 1 (2) [640x480]I wish we could get a gelato cake- if I had a freezer I probably would!  But sadly we didn’t have a freezer and it’s bloody 30 degrees outside… 😦

photo 1 [640x480] photo 2 (2) [640x480] Here are all the gelato we got from Cremeria Funivia.  As you can probably see we REALLY love the pink ones, which is the raspberry and strawberry and grapefruit gelato.  We also tried the lemon and what we really love about the fruity ones is that you really get bits of fruits in it.  The lemon one has lemon rinds, the raspberry has raspberry bits in it.  It has a very intense flavour without being overly sweet.

IMG_5427 [640x480] photo 3 (2) [640x480]Ever the chocolate lover, we also tried the chocolate one which was dark, rich and creamy.  Although I thought it was slightly too sweet, it actually tasted really good with the caffe (coffee) flavour.  Oh my god.  I wanted to go back to Bologna just for that and our awesome hotel.  10/10 for sure!

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