Sofitel High Tea at Sofi’s Lounge

Sofitel High Tea at Sofi’s Lounge
25 Collins Street, Melbourne
03 9653 7744

On Saturday night, Shoe Queen texted me to say, “I am craving for high tea!”  and I replied “Let’s do it!”

IMG_6368 [640x480]That very next day, we visited Sofi’s Lounge for their high tea buffet.  For $69 per person, you receive an unlimited choice of sweet and savoury items, a glass of sparkling wine and tea or coffee.

IMG_6371 [640x480]IMG_6370 [640x480]We hit the savoury selection first, with hot selection including Croque Monsieur, mini mushroom quiches and fetta puff pastries.  Between the Croque Monsieur (not pictured) and the mushroom quiche, I found the Croque Monsieur to be the tastier of the two.  Sofi’s one is obviously not of Hardware Societe’s standard, but it’s still nice and cheesy, slightly crisp on the outside and spongey on the inside.  The mini quiche on the other hand, the crust falls apart easily and it was just too buttery… perhaps that a ploy so people won’t eat so much in the buffet?  Who knows?

IMG_6373 [640x480]The finger sandwiches were not that great.  The four choices: cucumber with cream cheese, smoked salmon, egg and chives and beef with horseradish wrap.  The sandwiches felt as if it’s been made in the morning, it was quite dry.  Out of the four I would recommend the egg and chives.

IMG_6376 [640x480] IMG_6375 [640x480]Sofitel also had a selection of hot and cold sweet items.  I didn’t take a picture of the hot crepes and pikelets, cos they are not much of a looker, but I must admit the pikelets was fantastic.  I even braved the dour-looking server and visited him several times for refills.  LOL.  Not only was the pikelets hot and fluffy, but the whipped cream and orange compote made a fantastic combination.  Shoe Queen had their crepes and found the pikelets much yummier.  I didn’t try the crepes as they were pre-made.  How could you pre-made crepes?  I reckon that’s just sheer laziness.

IMG_6378 [640x480]What I would consider a really really good high tea experience is to have mind-blowing scones cos I love scones.  And no, I don’t eat it the “proper” way peoples, I add cream first, then jam.  Stop shaking your head!  😛  What got me really excited was the huge lobs of lemon curd.  My readers would know I am obsessed with lemon curd, so imagine my excitement with this plate I could use on my scones!

Sadly the fruit scones was hard and cold, the King Island clotted cream felt like wet cement.  The lemon curd was a bit too sweet so I only had half a scone.  What a disappointment.

IMG_6374 [640x480]Fortunately, I finished off with a high- these berry cheesecake was quite good.

IMG_6376 [640x480]Overall, I am not overly impressed with Sofi’s Lounge.  I am sure one day I will find a high tea that I really really love.  5/10

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