The Town Mouse

The Town Mouse
312 Drummond St Carlton
03 9347 3312

IMG_6393 [640x480]I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since Hubby and I got married!  To celebrate this special occasion, I asked Twitterverse where I should go for our anniversary dinner.  Rob from @eatmelb suggested The Town Mouse amongst a few different places and after checking out the menus, The Town Mouse it is!  Unfortunately, Hubby and I then went through the “sickness” bit of the “In sickness and in health” part of our marriage, and had to defer our dinner booking till almost a whole month later.

IMG_6380 [640x480]We were greeted enthusiastically by our waitress of the night, and was ushered to one of the high tables in the restaurants.  I am not too sure whether The Town Mouse has another room, but the main dining room only consists of high tables, so it’s probably not suitable for people with mobility issues or really short skirts.

I am also slightly confused about using black tiles as a decor… it looks a bit like we are dining in a bathroom 😛  Still this is certainly better looking than the decor in Estelle which has pink grey and black tiles :/

IMG_6381 [640x480]We were given some warm crusty bread with fennel butter.  Before I can take a pic my hubsand already dipped his knife in.  “NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” How could he not know better?  We have been together for 10 yrs!  HUMPH.

IMG_6382 [640x480]It seemed that School Prawns are still da shitz these days, there are still so many restaurants offering this dish with various condiments.  At The Town Mouse, the school prawns are dusted with sesame and served with a saffroney dip $10.  Delicious.

IMG_6383 [640x480]Oyster served with vinegar and chardonnay sorbet, wakame and lemon ($4 each).  I like my oyster creamier and this one is a bit too salty.  I don’t really like the sorbet either, it was just really sour.

IMG_6384 [640x480]This is the venison tartare $15.  It was so refreshing with bits of nashi pear, coriander and wasabi.  It was such an interesting flavour combination- I would definitely order this again.

IMG_6385 [640x480]Onto the mains, we decided on the duck breast to share $33.  I must say I am not a huge fan.  The duck was beautifully cooked and the mushrooms were flavoursome and moreish.  The duck meat though, had a really gamey flavour that overpowered everything.  The caramelised yoghurt wasn’t that great either, which thankfully was on the side.

IMG_6389 [640x480]For sides, we ordered the potato cooked in hay, almond butter and sage $12.  Once again, not a huge fan.  I thought the almond butter overpowered the whole dish so I only had one.

Weirdly the dish of the day was actually the kale with slow cooked egg $20.  I think they must have cooked the kale several different ways, so some are crispy, some are juicy.  Even hubby, who liked meat and potatoes, said this was better than the duck and hay cooked potatoes!

IMG_6391 [640x480]Ending the night with a little bit of sweetness to celebrate our anniversary, we decided to share the mini ricotta doughnuts $6.  I really like this donut, filled with fluffy ricotta and a smear of mandarin curd.  Hubby didn’t like it though, which is fine- more for me!

Although the service was fantastic, I don’t think I will be in a hurry to come back anytime soon.  Whilst the food was not bad, there are a number of better eateries of the same price point and closer to home than The Town Mouse.  7/10

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