Osteria del Cappello

Osteria del Cappello
Via De Fusari 9/b, 40123 Bologna, Italy
051 1998 6887

IMG_5411 [640x480]We didn’t have much luck with dinner at Bologna through Trip Advisor, so we decided to ask our lovely hotel Al Cappello Rosso for recommendation for a nice restaurant for our last day in Bologna.  Unfortunately our last day is also Sunday, where most of the nice restaurants were closed, so the hotel actually recommended us the restaurant recently opened in the hotel, Osteria del Cappello.

IMG_5418 [640x480]Normally alarm bells start ringing when the hotel recommended their restaurant, but to be honest we were out of ideas for where to eat so we decided to take a leap of faith.  We were the only three tables for the whole night, but I seriously think the opened less than a week ago.   The staff were all fresh, enthusiastic and starry eyes, and there is even a Bologna style Snakes and Ladder game to play while we wait!  I am liking this restaurant already.

IMG_5413 [640x480]We were recommended by the friendly waiter to try the variety of cured meats and cheeses.  What we didn’t realise, since it wasn’t in the menu, that it was 52 Euros!  All the other food we ordered were 9-15 Euros so we didn’t realise it was so expensive. YYYYYewouch!

IMG_5416 [640x480]IMG_5417 [640x480]Although it tasted good, I am not a huge connoisseur of cured meats and the likes so I can’t really say I could tell the difference between good or bad ones.  What I really love was the flat round bread that comes with it.  I am not sure whether it’s a speciality of Bologna, but it was heated up and really crispy and goes well with the cured meats.

IMG_5419 [640x480]We shared several pasta dishes between us.  Once again, the Ragu Bologna featured and it had beautiful flavours, absolutely delicious.  Weirdly, what I love about it was that it has more carbs than meat.  For a carb person I was in heaven.  But if you like a meatier version of this, Ristorante San Silvestro in Cantina would probably suit your appetite a bit more.

IMG_5423 [640x480]Once again we ordered the Pasta Gramigna with sausage.  The flavours were subtle and not too salty, it was another one of our favourite.

IMG_5424 [640x480]I decided after so many spaghetti/ fettuccine-like pasta, I should try some filled pasta to shake things up.  So I ordered the Tortellini with butter and sage.  Oh my god it was just so darn rich.  It tasted so yummy but I was KO’d after one.  I forced myself to have I think another then tried distributing it to the others.  I think Dr. Ben and Ms Hot Guns shared one and Hubby had one so sadly there were still a few left on the plate.

IMG_5422 [640x480]Dr. Ben also ordered a stuffed pasta and even with tomato base, this pasta was simply too rich and hence they were refusing more of my butter and sage version.

In the end we had to decline dessert and go for a big walk around town.  Overall, I quite liked the food here and will come back if we ever visit Bologna again.

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