Cheeky Chi

Cheeky Chi
338A Oorong Road, Caulfield North
(03) 9995 0297

We were sad and devastated when our favourite sushi place, Jamon Sushi, closed its door a few months ago in South Yarra, so imagine our excitement when a takeaway style reincarnation came to Caulfield North!  Cheeky Chi’s owner is Chisato, who has worked with Charles at Jamon Sushi for a number of years.  According to the Facebook page, Jamon Sushi was consulted in this new venture but not Jamon owned.

photo 1 [640x480]Cheeky Chi’s simple interior was decorated with small vases of flowers, with only 4 tables, it’s more of a takeaway joint than anything.  The kitchen filled most of the area, and Chi was there cooking with 2 female staff.  The staff there were super friendly and attentive, studiously refilling our water and providing extra plates to share food.  Their service is definitely over and beyond your run of the mill takeaway joint.

photo 2 [640x480]We started off with prawn and potato croquette $6.5.  I don’t eat prawns but I had a little bit of the surrounding panko crust and potato and it tasted awesome.  Hubby obviously ate the rest of it and this croquette was filled with a big fresh prawn.  Unfortunately the prawn still has its intestine attached so I laughed at Hubby telling him that he’s eating shit 😛

photo 3 [640x480]I wanted to order the salmon shiso masago sushi roll, unfortunately they ran out of shiso.  I am a huge huge fan of shiso so running out of that just made me sad.  So instead we order the organic NZ King Salmon Sashimi $9.8.  We thought the freshness of the king salmon was OK but it could be much fresher.  It was obviously better than a normal takeaway joint’s standard, but certainly wasn’t Jamon standard.  I suppose I shouldn’t compare but still…

photo 4 [640x480]Hubby ordered their Japanese chicken curry with rice $11.5.  Hubby loved his Japanese curry and will get violet if people take it away from him, so I only got to try a little bit of it.  I love the rice they used and the Japanese curry was good.  The bits of vegies made it look healthier and it was certainly a hearty meal.

photo 5 [640x480]I was so excited to see that there is ramen on the menu, so I ordered Chanko Ramen which is with chicken and seafood $16.8.  It really wasn’t what I expected.  This ramen is probably what I would make at home, chuck a heap of vegies and random meat and seafood in and the ramen was really too overcooked for my liking.  The mussels didn’t taste very fresh, and it still had the beard attached to it.  The only redeeming factor in this noodle soup was really only the soup- I don’t think it’s made of packet stuff but it was really delicious and comforting.

Overall, Cheeky Chi was not as awesome as I expected.  It was still OK for a takeaway joint, and I will definitely go there for curry and their croquette, but I certainly would not recommend their ramen.  6.5/10

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