Champion Bistro at Clayton Bowls Club

I flew P.Diddy who flew P.Mummy over to Melbourne to celebrate a very very belated father’s day. Which presented a problem with food choices. P.Diddy is no foodie and practically equates value for money to “good” food. P.Mummy on the other hand, well, our Vue de Monde experience says it all really.  As I was pulling my hair out on this dilemma, Twitter saved the day.  Actually, it was more@natstockley and @shark4chipdrink that saved the day, introducing me to Clayton Bowls Club, a hidden gem where ex-Vue de Monde chef was hanging around for a few months before heading overseas. I can’t thank you enough you guys- it was PERFECT.

Champion Bistro at Clayton Bowls Club
37 Springs Rd, Clayton South
03 9544 9929

IMG_6421 [640x480]To be honest I had no idea at first why the chef chose this place, bowlers with ciggies perched at the corner of their mouths while bowling and elegant molecular gastronomy was not the typical match made in heaven.  But we soon realised why.  Yes, P.Diddy actual love lawn bowl so we decided to have a game.  We obviously didn’t look like we are from the bowls club (no bowls club jerseys- dead giveaway!) and a few of the members came along to help us set up and play- the friendliness and warmth of these people just blew us away.  IMG_6418 [640x480]After a few games, we retired to the not-so-fancy dining room for dinner.  5 courses for $50, Vue de Monde style, neighbourhood prices, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

IMG_6424 [640x480]IMG_6425 [640x480]First course was the Queensland Spanner Crab, buttermilk and sea succulents.  The seemingly light dish was delightfully creamy with the addition of the buttermilk powder.  The seafood super fresh and the samphire added just that touch of saltiness to the dish.

IMG_6426 [640x480]Hubby and P.Mummy decided to add a $30 supplement per person for some white truffles to this white asparagus yakitori, but seriously it wasn’t needed.  Although it was a generous serving of this $6000/kg white truffles, the flavours of the smokey mushroom(?) sauce at the bottom actually overpowered the truffles.  The sauce was extremely yummy though and the aspargus tender.

IMG_6429 [640x480]We were beginning to fret by now- 3 savoury courses and 2 sweets… the first two savoury courses were a bit small and even a small eater like dad was thinking whether we would need instant noodles back home.  Thankfully the pork jowl came to save the day!  The meat was surrounded by fatty goodness which melts in your mouth, it was so yummy but since most of us had high cholestral, we had to tear ourselves away from the fat and left most of it on the plate.  I know!  I know!  What a waste!

IMG_6434 [640x480]Our first dessert was a super refreshing blueberry with yoghurt.  Okay I must admit by the time I am on to this course I was slightly tipsy from the bottle of shiraz that P.Diddy and I polished off cos Hubby had to drive so can’t drink and P.Mummy who can’t drink but can’t drive either.  So I don’t really remember much about it other than thinking, “mmmm yummy- taste like breakfast… but better…”

IMG_6437 [640x480]Our last course was certainly the highlight of the night.  Dark chocolate mousse with dark chocolate soil and mint.  It wasn’t very sweet and the texture combination was fantastic.  It was a perfect end to the meal.

IMG_6416 copy [640x480]The verdict?  Well P.Diddy said ” Awesome!  Value for money and food tasted great!”  Well as long as the boss is happy 🙂  Happy Father’s Day P.Diddy!

Note to my readers: Sadly this is more a gloating type of blog than anything, because according to the Bowls Club Champion Bistro is fully booked until the end of March (where the Chef is leaving for overseas) and there is about 700 on the waiting list.  So it’s probably impossible to get in 😦  Well keep an eye out for Chef Clinton McIver, he might be popping up in a Bowls Club/ School Hall/ Nursing home near you!

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