Movida Aqui Reloaded!

Movida Aqui
500 Bourke St On Level 1 Melbourne
03 9663 3038

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P.Mummy and P.Daddy came to visit for a belated Father’s Day celebration and the responsibility of taking them to delicious places was obviously my responsibility! I had a course near Movida Aqui on Friday and thought it would make perfect sense to take them there. Thankfully there was still spaces left booking only 3 days in advance! Phew!

IMG_6395 [640x480]P.Mummy started gushing about the cute decor as soon as she walked in.  Then both of them started to quiz me about Movida Aqui’s menu.  “What’s Bomba?” “What’s that ham that’s really famous in Spain?” “What’s Raciones?”   “What’s Movida?”  Arghhhhhhhhh I need a drink!  Thankfully when I told my friendly waiter I wanted something citrusy with orange, lemon or grapefruit, he immediately got the bartender to make me something fabulous with rum.  I don’t know what it is but I gratefully gulp that happy drink down.

IMG_6398 [640x480]We finally decided on the menu and P.Mummy also ordered a Bloody Magdalena $20.  It’s kinda like Bloody Mary but man it has so much pepper – I didn’t like it at all!  The four of us shared the Tortilla $5 per slice.  It was nice, but I would have preferred it to set a bit more and have potatoes.

IMG_6404 [640x480]The Bomba, $4.8 each was hot and delicious.  Deep fried goodness filled with potato and chorizo, with a smear of zingy sauce of capsicum flavour.

IMG_6400 [640x480]P.Mummy also chose this seared beef with potato crisp and a custard like thing on top $21.5.  The beef was melt it your mouth and I love the texture contrast of the beef, crisp and custard, however, I found the custard a little bit sweet and made the dish taste a bit weird.  That being said P.Mummy loved it.

IMG_6401 [640x480]The dish I picked was this scrambled egg dish with terrine.  I actually picked it because it has white truffles!  The truffle flavours were a bit subtle though and you really had to concentrate hard to taste it.  LOL  Still the egg was delicious and creamy.  I didn’t really like the terrine.  I guess I was expecting something else and not black pudding terrine with chunks of fat in it.  It did add flavours to the egg but I had to pick out the fat bits.

IMG_6412 [640x480]P.Mummy kept seeing people getting these little buns.  “Ohhhh what is this?” she kept asking, “What are they havinggggg????”  “Mum it’s calamari… I thought you don’t like calamari!” I said.  “But, look!  Everyone is ordering it!  Should we share? Should we share?”  And so here we are, even though we had other dishes coming, we ordered the famous calamari sandwich $8 each to share between the four of us.  Needless to say, it was delicious.

IMG_6407 [640x480]P.Mummy also declared that she wanted paella, and I was hoping that she would order the squid ink paella.  Sadly, she opted for the special, which is paella with seafood.  I must say I am not loving this dish.  First I felt that the rice is a bit overcooked by Spanish standard, secondly the seafood felt like it didn’t really  complement the rice.  It was as if they cooked the seafood separately and just put it on top.  Lastly, the mussels and clams seemed barely cooked, although I must say the salmon was cooked just right.  All in all, not a big fan.  At least it does have a little bit of a crust.

IMG_6415 [640x480]Because we ordered the calamari sandwich (not that we are regretting it!), this became the last dish of the night, which both hubby and P.Diddy wanted to order: Melt-in-your-mouth lamb stew with potato and carrots.  I was so full I only had a tiny bite, but I know P.Diddy loved it and even though he is normally a small eater, ate every single bite that was on his plate.

Overall, there is a bit of a hit and miss at Movida Aqui this time.  The service was still fabulous, but would I recommend Movida Aqui as enthusiastically as I did last time?  Perhaps not.

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