A Day out in Yarra Valley: Yering Station

Yering Station
38 Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen, VIC
03 9730 0100

IMG_6438 [640x480]We took P.Diddy and P.Mummy for a drive to Yarra Valley when they came for a visit a few weeks ago cos P.Mummy wanted nature and P.Diddy needed to drown his sorrows after spending too much time with P.Mummy (Ok, I soooo did not say that).

IMG_6439 [640x480]We had a few choices on where to go but Hubby made the executive decision on going to Yering Station, which is always a winner with tourists with its sleek interior and gorgeous view of endless pastures.

IMG_6443 [640x480]We were presented with freshly baked bread to start with a serve of dukkah.  P.Diddy even ordered butter instead of dipping the bread in the olive oil… naughty naughty!

IMG_6446 [640x480]P.Diddy is not a big eater, so he decided against entrees, but not wanting him to miss out, we gave him some of ours.  I had the cured salmon and kingfish $24.  It was beautifully presented.. except… well I thought the black stuff in between the salmon and kingfish looked like you know, prawn intestine… but it was actually Japanese seaweed that made this dish flavoursome.  Paired with little pearls of caviar and pomegrante, it was a delicately flavoured and light entree.

IMG_6445 [640x480]P.Mummy ordered the Jeruselum artichoke soup $24.  This creamy soup came with some very fragrant mushroom and truffle.  I had a few mouthfuls and almost couldn’t stop eating it.

IMG_6444 [640x480]Hubby ordered what looked like a main, but it’s actually the entree of prawns and oxtail tortellini $24.  I don’t really like prawns so I couldn’t comment but the tortellini tasted fantastic.

IMG_6451 [640x480]On to the mains, the ladies ordered poultry $39 whilst the gentlemen ordered steak $42.  Our spatchcock with with shitake and ginger farce, miso pumpkin, bonito and spring onion encapsulates a good modern Australian dish with Asian components.  Normally I would find the flavours strange, but this time I must say it was perfect.  Sadly I found some of the spatchcock a little bit tough, I guess it depends on which part of the spatchcock you got.

IMG_6449 [640x480]

This beautifully presented dish is the Eye Fillet, smoked eggplant with spiced butter.  I was too full to try much, but Hubby and P.Diddy seemed to like it.  What was most memorable for me was the waffle chips!  I want a whole bowl of it!

IMG_6460 [640x480]

On the side note, the french fries $9 was fantastic and wonderfully garlicky.IMG_6448 [640x480] Once sad thing to note though, P.Diddy ordered rare and Hubby ordered medium rare, however when it came out both looked medium rare.  When P.Diddy questioned this with the waiter, the waiter was quite dismissive and said it IS rare, you just have to cut it in the middle.  Well, it wasn’t.  We compared half way through and Hubby’s and P.Diddy’s beef still looked the same.  It was regretable about the service but since P.Diddy could eat it (the reason he ordered rare was that he percieved that rare meat is easier to chew… mmm) I wasn’t about to make a scene.

IMG_6463 [640x480]Even though P.Diddy didn’t make a fuss, I think it was the reason why Hubby and I refused dessert.  My parents did order some dessert though.  This prune and armagnac butterscotch log was what P.Diddy ordered $16.  P.Diddy quite enjoy this really sweet dessert.

IMG_6465 [640x480]P.Mummy ordered the brown sugar custard tart and banana sorbet $17.  I tried a little bit of the tart, which I quite like the crust but once again it was too sweet for my liking.  The banana sorbet tasted like the banana icecream I made at home, but I added chocolate powder and peanut butter in mine so mine tasted better 😛

IMG_6442 [640x480]Overall we were slightly disappointed with the service even though the food was quite good.  For this price I thought it would have been better though and I have decided next time I will be trying a different restaurant.  7/10
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After lunch we went next door for some wine tasting, being such a touristy place there were simply too many people so we decided to head to my favourite place in Yarra Valley, Kennedy and Wilson chocolates.

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