A Day Out in Yarra Valley: Kennedy and Wilson Chocolate and Yarra Valley Dairy

We took P.Mummy and P.Daddy to Yarra Valley because P.Mummy wanted to experience a bit of nature in Melbourne.  We had lunch at Yering Station and now we thought we’d stop at a few of my favourite spots in the Valley.

Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates
203 Maroondah Highway, Healsville
03 5962 6448

IMG_6470 [640x480]I discovered Kennedy and Wilson about 6 years ago in the Yering Station Sunday Markets. They had a little stall there and I took a leap of faith and bought some chocolate. Ever since then I was hooked.

IMG_6469 [640x480]They then had a really tiny store somewhere in Yarra Valley, where they let you try all their chocolates for free. Sadly that doesn’t happen anymore LOL. But I found that I love their Cointreau Truffles, Hazelnut Feuilletine and their dark thins. There is certain smooth richness to their chocolate without overloaded with sugar.

IMG_6467 [640x480]Our friendly server did give us a little bit of chilli chocolate to try whilst I bought my 1kg bag of dark chocolate for baking. Their chilli chocolate had a really awesome kick and P.Mummy bought a few to share with her friends.

IMG_6471 [640x480]You can even sit down and enjoy a coffee or chocolate. It’s a pity that not a lot of people know this place but hey hidden gems means it maintained its charms which is good for me! 9/10
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IMG_6479 [640x480]Our last stop of the day was Yarra Valley Dairy as P.Daddy is a cheese lover.  “Oh dear GOD what IS that SMELL?” P.Mummy wailed.  “Mum, it’s the smell of nature.  You know, you insisted on excperiencing a bit of nature in Melbourne!”  More to the point, here we are at Yarra Valley Dairy, experiencing the powerful smell of nature- cow dung.

IMG_6481 [640x480]Yup, it does hit you quite bad, I must say, on the entrance of the shop, but once you got in, you won’t smell a thing.  At Yarra Valley Dairy they offer free cheese tasting, although I must say they are certainly not as passionate about the cheese as Kennedy and Wilson was about their chocolate.  The girl who served us looks as if she’d rather be somewhere else than serving cheese.  I quite like their cow’s cheese, especially the ones marinated with garlic and herbs (Yarra Valley Persian Fetta) and chilli (hot cow).  I can’t really stand goats cheese but there are some I liked that doesn’t have a very strong flavour.

Overall I still like Yarra Valley Dairy but considering I could get their products from David Jones or Thomas Dux with better service, I certainly won’t go out of my way to get it here. 7.5/10
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