34 Bray St, South Yarra

I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to Teppankai’s new menu launch event in South Yarra. This is one of the few times I have been invited to a Bloggers’ event and hubby and I had no idea what to expect!

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We were greeted warmly by the owner and got seated quickly next to The Food Society and later on Melbourne Hot or Not (nice meeting you guys!). Then the food came thick and fast.

IMG_6486 [640x480]IMG_6488 [640x480]We have several entrees to share, including salmon carpaccio, spicy fish tempura roll, crab roll and Japanese hamburger. All the great intention of a modern Japanese fusion restaurant, but sadly lacked execution, or at least on this night.

IMG_6489 [640x480]Teppankai was busting full that night with bloggers and a lot of food must be premade. Some pieces of the salmon carpaccio was marinated in lemon juice for so long that it changed colour.

IMG_6493 [640x480]The Japanese Hamburger, complete with poached egg yolk porn was stone cold, way too salty and the beef patty was hard. I didn’t finish it.

IMG_6490 [640x480]More notable choices was the fish tempura roll, even though it wasn’t as spicy as stated, it was nice and crunchy.

IMG_6491 [640x480]The crab roll (Kai kani maki) was delicious, smothered in kewpie mayo and blasted with flames. If you are in Teppankai I would definitely recommend that.

Onto the mains: we were given three dipping sauce but with no explanation of what they are. Two of them were sweet and one was salty. I think one of the sweet one was miso, but it was simply too sweet.

IMG_6495 [640x480]As our Teppanyaki chef expertly prepare our dishes for us, I recalled that time when I was one of the Southgate Teppanyaki grill where they throw bowls of rice at you. One hot bowl of fried rice landed on my colleague’s crotch and I was forever scarred by that imagine. Thankfully there is no rice throwing at Teppankai.

IMG_6498 [640x480]Our first lot of mains was the Kaisen Teppanyaki, which is an assorted seafood dish. I want to like it but sadly the scallops were quite rubbery and the salmon was slightly overcooked.

IMG_6502 [640x480]The grain fed Kobe style beef didn’t fare much better, it was slightly tough and very salty. I didn’t mind the mushroom that went with it though.

IMG_6503 [640x480]To end, we got the sesame “tiramisu”. It was OK.  The sesame seeds scattered on top of the tiramisu were toasted and fragrant. The cake in the bottom was slightly dry (as compared to normal tiramisu where the ladyfingers were soaked with coffee and liqueur), but nothing drastically bad about this dessert I suppose.

Thank you Teppankai for inviting us to this blogger event and please see The Food Society’s post of Teppankai here 🙂

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