Bomba Downstairs

Bomba Downstairs
103 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
03 9077 0451

There are so many new restaurants popping up it’s seriously hard to keep up with the hippest, newest places in town.  What used to be Alyesbury now became a Spanish workers bar called Bomba, and whilst the 2 times I visited there are no hawt Spanish men around, there are plenty of suits in this busy Lonsdale St bar.

What attracted a lot of people, including me, to Bomba is because of their $15 set lunch.  $15 in this type of surroundings in Melbourne CBD are rare and a LOT of team lunches are happening in Bomba because of this.  For $15, you get a choice of Tapa, a serve of racione and a side.  It screams value for money.

photo 3 [800x600]First time I was there, I chose the Chicken, manchego and smoked paprika croqueta which was absolutely delish.  Freshly fried, it was hot and crunchy on the outside with tiny flakes of salt and oh so creamy inside.  The second time I went, I had the tomato rubbed bread with Serrano jamon.  I am not a huge jamon fan so I must admit I like the croqueta better.  Other tapa selection for the $15 menu at Bomba includes grilled corn and a gazpacho.

photo 3 (2) [800x600]With mains, I had the lamb ribs both times.  I simply can stray from these gorgeous fatty lamb ribs with romesco sauce that was falling off the bone.  I heard great things about the braised pork jowl also and if you wish, you can upgrade to a wagyu rump cap or King Prawn (extra cost).  There is also a vegetarian option of Grilled asparagus, lemon, egg & mayo but sorry vegos, it just sounded decidedly bland compared to lamb ribs.

photo 2 (2) [800x600]Potatos were yumgasmic.  Need a say more?  Dusted with smoked paprika, I just kept shoving it in my mouth, ignoring my colleagues and clients.  Sorry guys.  I can’t help myself.

photo 1 (2) [800x600]The alternative side is this freekah w cauliflower salad with pomegrante.  Surpringly, this is also extremely delicious and refreshing- I think it has bits of mint in it.  It’s great cutting through the fattiness of the lamb ribs- best to convince your dining partner to order one of each sides so you have best of both worlds! 🙂

photo 4 (2) [800x600]At lunch one day my dining companion and I decided to go all out and order desserts also.  This Chocolate croquetas with custard & hazelnuts $10 sounded so promising and mouthwatering but sadly, it tasted a bit burnt for some reason.  The custard and hazelnuts were simply amazing.  The croqueta?  Not so much 😦

Sad end to a meal, but if you are just coming for the lunch set, it’s pretty awesome 7.5/10

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