11 Bligh Pl, Melbourne
03 9620 3646

photo 1 [640x480]I am obsessed with anything ramen, especially in Melbourne CBD, where ramen results in a look of disdain from me. So when Catherine from Petit Miamx tweeted abotu this new ramen place open in Bligh Place, I got really excited.  Can it be true?  Is there FINALLY an authentic and delicious ramen place in Melbourne?

photo 4 [800x600]Brought to you by the peeps that runs the Robot Bar (and it’s right across from Robot Bar), this dark and trendy place doesn’t have much signage, but those in the know will stroll in, get escorted into the basement area with about 40 seats.  Get in quick boys and girls- this place will soon be packed once the masses got the wind of it!

The menu wasn’t huge- there are a few sides, then Mugen Ramens.  Japas (Japanese tapas) are coming soon, and I can’t wait to try that.  This time though, I tried their Wafu Tsukemen with additional egg cos it doesn’t come with one ($15+$2).

photo 3 [640x480]

What the heck is Tsukemen, you might ask.  Tsukemen means dipping noodles- you dip the noodles in this super thick broth, then start slurping!  The noodles in Mugen are house made and the Tsukemen noodles are quite thick- all the better to grab onto the thick broth my dear!

photo 2 [640x480]I was expecting the charshu that came with it to be melt in your mouth- sadly that is not the case but it wasn’t too bad.  The egg- oh my god- you MUST order the extra egg.  I know it’s friggin $2 but it’s SO. WORTH. IT.  The flavoured egg was delicious enough without dipping into the broth to be honest, and the yolk was perfectly cooked.

photo 4 [640x480]The broth was yumgasmic.  Absolutely no MSG, the waitress asked us to stir the fish powder (brown stuff on the top) well, the thick broth was just perfect for the al dente noodles.  After I was done, I was given a small jug of dashi to pour into the broth so I could drink the soup also.  Perfect.

photo 5 [640x480]Shoe Queen ordered a miso ramen and all I can hear is slurp slurpp slurp and “mmmm very happy” 🙂  I am guessing that’s a good sign 😉

photo 1 [800x600]The next time we visited, I ordered potato salad $15.  It came in a jar sealed tight, and when the waitress opened it, the scent of smoked cherry wood wafted out.  That being said I can’t really taste the smokiness when I tried the potato salad.  The warmed bread with prosciutto was an interesting addition to the traditional Japanese potato salad, it was certainly different and not unwelcomed.

photo 2 [800x600]We also got this juicy gyoza with Mugen’s special sauce $15.  The sauce tasted a bit like sweet miso and it’s simply delicious.

photo 3 [800x600]Everyone is starting to rave about these chicken wings so I had to order it that night- $15 for 8 pieces these chicken wings were deep fried, coated with sesame seeds and honey.  The chicken wings were flavoursome and retained its juiciness.

With all these food I also managed to try the Wafu Ramen $15.  I love the texture of the noodles, but I must say I like the Tsukemen more than this one.  Shoe Queen also had the Wafu Ramen and said the miso ramen tasted better.  Hubby tried the curry ramen, which was alright… still like my very first Wafu ramen better!

For now, they are only open Monday to Friday lunch and dinner, and dinner on Saturday.  Best to go while it’s still a hidden gem! 8.5/10

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