Na Rak Thai

Na Rak Thai
Shop 1B/ 555 Flinders Lane (Entry at Downie St), Melbourne
(03) 9614 7096

Sometimes, I get bored with going to the gym, so I tried something random, like Barre. Apparently it uses ballet and isometric movement to tone and lengthen your muscles. Being a very stouty kinda gal, I always wish I look like a Victoria Secret Model (yes, fat chance) more than a NRL (rugby) player so Barre seemed like the kinda exercise I should be doing.

photo 1 [800x600]ANYWAY. After Barre one day at the Xtend Barre Studio, I came across this guy giving out flyers for Thai food. “Hey!” I exclaimed, “Aren’t you guys Cherry and Twig??” This friendly guy explained to me that yes, indeed for morning/lunch, it is Cherry and Twigs, but come night time, this place is called Na Rak Thai, which serves (duh) Thai food. It’s a bit like Don Too Ramen and Don Too.

photo 3 [800x600]So that very Friday, a week after they opened, I drag hubby to try Na Rak Thai.  To start, we ordered homemade Prawn and Minced Pork Spring Rolls $6.  Their spring rolls indeed tasted like homemade, not just consisting of mystery meat but also with real bits of vegies and glassnoodles.  The flavour was slightly on the peppery side and the sweet chilli sauce has a slightly more kick than normal sweet chilli (which is a fantastic thing mind you!)

photo 2 [800x600]I ordered the chicken salad $13.  At this point I would like to say that their menu isn’t extensive.  Their selection of entrees were decent enough, but then with mains they only have curry (red/green/massaman) and soup & salad.  I wish they have more rice dishes and noodle dishes but it seemed like everything is prepared in this tiny as hell kitchen.

Sorry, back to the chicken salad.  I order hot- now guys, I can eat hot, but it’s probably mild in Thai terms and I am scared to order extra hot cos this is hot enough really.  I actually quite like this chicken salad.  It’s more like a stir fry chicken dish with bits of lettuce more than anything (no wonder they ask whether I want rice)… I have had Thai chicken salad where it’s lukewarm but this is actually hot.  No matter, I really enjoyed it, especially with the generous scatter of cashew nuts.  Price-wise, I would say it’s a tad bit expensive for a salad in a Thai cafe, nonetheless the ingredients are fresh.

photo 4 [800x600]Hubby ordered Lamb Massaman Curry $15, but to be honest it tasted like beef.  LOL.  Hubby asked for it to be spicy, and it is fairly spicy.  I tried a little and thought that it has good flavours, but the meat was definitely not melt-in-your-mouth but it was still passable.  What got hubby a bit sad was the fact that there is no potato in his Massaman Curry 😦

When the friendly owner asked how was everything we did tell him there is no potato and he said they ran out today so hopefully next time there is potatoes! 🙂

photo 5 [800x600]The thing that caught my eye initially on the flyer was actually this mango with sticky rice $7.  It certainly did not disappoint.  Delicious coconutyness (I know that’s not a word but I don’t care!) with halve a fresh mango.  I love it when they are generous with their fruit.  Hubby and I fought for the last mouthfuls of this delicious dessert.

I tried to convince them to deliver to my place (Look, it’s only down the road, across like 5 massive roads and then another 5 mins walk, that’s all), but they said no… then at my pleading look they relented and said maybe in the future. 😛  Yes I do like this place and it certainly has Hubby’s seal of approval to buy takeaway when I can’t be bothered cooking.  Yes!  7.5/10
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