Piggy in Venice

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! I have been pretty slack lately and haven’t really updated my travel post to Europe. And by the time you read this, I am already having lots of awesome fun in Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Yes, people have asked me whether I need to work, and yes, I do. Heehee.

IMG_5648 [800x600]We went to Venice in June, on the way to our friend’s wedding in Greece. I must say I was slightly sad as I expected Venice to have crazy delicious seafood and pasta. But sadly we listened to our AirBnB hosts for food recommendation and all we got was really sad touristy spots with really bad pizza.

IMG_5606 [800x600]I was a bit upset, but who can be upset for long when you are in the city of love and romance?  All our annoyance vanished as we turned the corner to see Piazza San Marco.  Everywhere you turn, it’s seriously like postcards.  Yes, so there is no food, but it’s Venice!  You can just breath in the romance and survive within the beauty of it all.

And yes, I absolutely scoffed at very touristy stuff but yes, we absolutely paid… PAID to sit and listen to the String ensemble play.  TWICE.  It was seriously fantastic and magical.

IMG_5698 [800x600]I think we only had one nice lunch in Venice, and that’s out in the island of Burano.  Known for its lace and colourful houses, it’s also now made famous by Jamie does… series where Jamie went to The Black Cat (Al Gatto Nero) for their risotto.

IMG_5726 [800x600]We had a wait a bit for our table, but the ever friendly waiter gave us some sparkling wine and nibbles on the house while we waited (yay!).  We then got escorted into the very traditional looking dining room for lunch.

IMG_5730 [800x600]

IMG_5734 [800x600]Once we got seated, we got straight into it- vongole and mussels, when done right, are my favourite shellfish, so I was excited to see this offered as an appetitser for 15 Euros.  Look at this gigantic plate!  The vongoles are small and sweet, just the way I like it, and mussels are beautiful.

IMG_5735 [800x600]Our next entree is a Trio of grilled shellfish with butterrrrr (20 Euros).  Oh my god.  Just look at that food porn.  Need I say more?

IMG_5736 [800x600]Hubby and Dr. Ben decided to share the Risotto Burano style (17 Euro per person).  Mmm… it came out looking like seafood congee.  I think for 17 Euro per person, we didn’t really think it was worth it, even though it was quite nice.

IMG_5741 [800x600]I was dying to try the pasta vongole in Venice, as Jamie raved on and on and on about it.  At Al Gatto Nero the Spaghetti Vongole is 16 Euro.  Hubby tried a bit and told me it tasted just like the ones I made from Jamie’s recipe.. LOL!  Obviously this one is a bit more delicious and the vongole fresher, however it does taste fairly similar.

IMG_5745 [800x600]

This picture didn’t look crash hot, but this grilled turbot was amazingly fresh, flavoursome and best of all, no scales!  Plenty of other fish we ate in Italy had a ton of scales, so this is certainly a big plus.

IMG_5746 [800x600]We finished up by sharing a tiramisu.  The tiramisu was made with a fairly strong cheesy mascapone.  I reckon it was a bit too sweet, it would have been better with more sponge, less sugar and a little bit more caffe 🙂

IMG_5732 [800x600]Overall, when it comes to seafood, this place is a must visit.  For risotto, not so much 😛