Akachochin Reloaded!

I had the pleasure of attending Billy Law’s Food Photography Workshops in Raw Materials Studio at Footscray.  Even though I was late (time mixup doh!), I learnt a lot about composition, white balance, taking pics in raw format and editing in Lightroom… now all I need is Lightroom!

Included in the price was a scrumptious lunch made by Robert Monteau.  But of course we had to practice by taking some shots of the food first ^^.  Billy then used my SD card to show us how to edit pics in Lightroom.  Unfortunately these are not the pics he edited… these are ones edited by yours truly using Canon Digital Photo Professional.  Like I said, REALLY need Lightroom.

IMG_6560 [800x600] IMG_6556 [800x600]

(Oh by way Billy did say try to take shots in Potrait, not landscape, but he kinda told us AFTER I took these shots so LOL)

Anyway, so after the awesome photography workshop I dragged hubby out to dinner so I can practice my new found food photography skills.  I also felt like some good Japanese food after having the crappiest meals at Shoya, so we decided to go back to Akachochin.

33 Dukes Walk, South Wharf
03 9245 9900

I have previously blogged Akachochin before, and I wasn’t very happy about that experience.  However I have been there quite a few times after, and they seemed to be better each time I visited.  Their food is fairly expensive but you do get good quality sashimi.

IMG_6565 [800x600]We started off with scallop and snapper sashimi.  Last few times the scallop wasn’t as fresh as I would like it to be, but this time it was beautiful.  I had a urge to order more.  It was the price tag that made me hesistate.  $14 a serve of 4 scallop ain’t cheap, no matter how fresh it is.  The snapper was also super fresh and also at $14 a serve.

IMG_6568 [800x600]Next, we had the tuna and avocado roll $11.  I could have this every day (but I will probably be broke).  Because it was freshly made, the nori still imparts a faintly roasted salty flavour and the tuna and avocado simply melts in your mouth.

IMG_6573 [800x600]There was still another cold dish but I wasn’t sure whether they have forgotten, but then next dish was the Quail Karaage to Manju $19, a deep fried quail with quail egg and potato cake.  Hubby and I love the potato cake- it was slightly chewy like a mochi, with potato and quail filling.  YUM!  The quail egg is beautifully cooked but sadly the quail itself was a bit tough.

IMG_6577 [800x600]

I still don’t know where my cold dish, the carpaccio, is, but our next dish was the Ebi & Pumpkin Harumaki $13.  I personally don’t like prawns so hubby had it all.  What he seemed to like about it (he’s not a talker) was the blue cheese (all I could hear him say is “Mmmm blue cheeseeee”, Simpson-style).  So I am guessing that this is a bit of a fusion style Japanese cuisine.  He orders this every time so it must be good.

IMG_6579 [800x600]Finally!  After chasing up with the waiter and getting a lame excuse of “the sushi counter is really busy” (hey no excuse for making me eat heavy flavoured food before lighter flavour food mate!), my Umeshiso carpaccio $18 arrived.  Beautifully sliced fresh Kingfish, marinated with shiso oil with a dot of plum and a few small crunchy pieces of salt (not overly salty thank goodness), it was yumgasmic.  I love shiso, so I almost licked the plate.

IMG_6585 [800x600]Last but not least, we had the Unagi Dashi Chazuke $16.  I love how it was beautifully presented in a bowl and the waitress pour dashi all over the rice.  We really quite like this dish, but thought that they could have put more unagi on top of the rice and really chargrill it good so it has a nice smokey flavour.  It might have been chargrilled already but the dashi has diluted the flavours a bit so I just wish they made the flavours stronger in the first place.

IMG_6589 [800x600]I have been to Akachochin several times now and I must say the food is getting better over the last few times I have visited.  There are still some service mishaps (like the carparccio) and the time it has taken to get the bill (although the manager did eventually proactively came over to apologise saying that their EFTPOS system is down after seeing that we were figeting impatiently- fair enough, no points deducted there), I still feel it’s a good choice if you are around the neighbourhood, particularly when Bangpop has gone a bit downhill as of late.  7.5/10

Looking back at the images I took for this blog, I could certainly see some improvement compared to previously pics I have taken.  The problem I found is that because WordPress as given me a size limit for my images I had to compress and compress them, which still makes them a bit grainy.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do? 😦

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