Huxtable Reloaded!

131 Smith St, Fitzroy
03 9419 5101

We frequented Huxtable many times when it first open and loved it so much. Sadly ever since Esky left and we moved to the other side of the city we rarely frequented Collingwood. So when someone on Twitter tweeted a beautiful pic with a caption “yuzu tuna” and saying it’s from Huxtable, I was like, HELL I AM GOING BACK!

IMG_6602 [800x600]The service was still as smiley as before, but the menu has changed somewhat. Gone was the delicious school prawns (sadness!) but of course there are new stuff like the yuzu tuna and this scallop in betel leaf $24. I was so excited to see scallops in the menu as I love love love scallops, but sadly I was slightly disappointed.

Hubby and I each had two scallop betel leaf and both tasted different. It felt as if they didn’t mix the ingredients properly, as one simply tasted like oversalted dried squid I can buy in Hong Kong, absolutely overpowering the scallops. My next scallop betel leaf was simply perfect, the pomelo, fish roe and betel leave concoction simply enhance and uplift the delicate flavours of the scallops. I think Hubby had two salty squidy ones so he was certainly not impressed.

IMG_6606 [800x600]And this is what I have been waiting for! Yuzu Tuna, oyster cream with nori cracker $23! I took a bite with anticipation of yuzu…but, no, I was bitterly disappointed… we both could not detect yuzu flavour. Just really really bland, albeit fresh tuna. The whole dish simply tasted like raw tuna with cream cheese with seaweed, the flavours simply didn’t meld together at all. I was so disappointed.

IMG_6607 [800x600]Hubby did not want to order any vegies, but I insisted on this interesting combination of asparagus, goji berries, puff rice and almond cream $16. This is actually a surprise hit- the almond cream gave a creamy and earthy flavour to the whole dish, with slightly sweet goji berries refreshing contrasted the creaminess. This dish really brings back to the reason why I love Huxtable. Sadly 1 out of 3 dishes is simply not good enough for me.

IMG_6610 [800x600]To finish we had the banana parcel . I remembered the first time I went to Huxtable we had this incredible banana dessert. Well this is not it but it wasn’t too bad. It’s like a few different textures of banana in one plate- dried banana, caramelised banana and mashed banana in a filo pastry. Hubby didn’t rate it but I thought it was quite nice- if you like banana you should definitely give this one a try.

Overall I must say I was quite disappointed with Huxtable this time. I did ask myself whether I am expecting too much, but if the description of the product (e.g. yuzu tuna, oyster cream) did not match the actual product (flavourless tuna, cream cheese), you would be disappointed too. Sadly this probably marked the end of going back to Huxtable for a long long time. 6/10