Da Mamo

On our last night in Venice, we had another disappointing meal in Venice 😦  It earn such fantastic reviews on Trip Advisor and our AirBnB Hostess recommended it, but seriously, don’t bother going there.
Da Mamo
Calle dei Stagner 5251, 30124 Venice, Italy
+39 0415236583

IMG_5571 [640x480]We started off with a free taster of perso cream cheese vol a vent.  The pesto actually tasted quite good, but the pastry was cold and had a disgusting buttery fatty aftertaste.

IMG_5573 [640x480]Our first entree was baked scallops.  It had absolutely no flavour and with an oily aftertaste.

IMG_5574 [640x480]Next was the octopus salad.  The octopus was tendor and flavoursome, but as you can see there’s not much greens to it.  And we thought we are being a bit healthy 😛

IMG_5578 [640x480]We were really intrigued by their pizza, as there is a selection of pizza that represents the 12 zodiacs.  Being an Aquarian, I obviously chose the Aquarius pizza.  Yes, I am a sucker to these touristy gimmicks!!!  Well it was hard, cos it has my favourite ingredients: clams.  Sadly the seafood was not fresh at all and the clams have dreaded sand in it.  Yikes!

IMG_5577 [640x480]We didn’t fare much better with the normal mushroom prosciutto pizza.  I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t incredibly delicious either.  The pizza, like many we ate in Italy was extremely soggy in the middle.

IMG_5579 [640x480]We were hopeful that the pasta would taste a bit better.  Fat chance.  The cuttlefish pasta was more baby octopus than cuttlefish.  It was not very fresh either.

It was so disappointing that we decided not to have dessert, and even the complimentary baileys filled in chocolate cups that came with the bill did not sweeten things up, especially with a hefty 12% service charge, costing us a total of 94 Euros.  Ouch.