Piggy In Phnom Penh: Malis Restaurant

Hello from Phnom Penh! We met up with P.Mummy and P.Daddy in the evening on our second day in Phnom Penh and decided to take them to Malis, one of the best and very upmarket Khmer restaurants in Phnom Penh.

We negotiated a Tuk Tuk to take us to Malis, seemed that even though some guides said it cost USD $1, we couldn’t seemed to be able to negotiate anything below USD$2, even if we are just going down the road. :p

Malis Restaurant
No. 136, Preah Norodom (St. 41), 12301 Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 23 221 022

IMG_6629 [800x600]Malis Restaurant is beautiful. Booking is a must if you wanted to dine in the outdoor courtyard under the fairy lights that shines serenely onto several Buddhist statues. Otherwise, like us, we get to sit in the dining area.

IMG_6614 [800x600]To start off, we were given complimentary appetizer of chives with chilli sauce and mango smoothie. No kissing tonight! The mango smoothie was super refreshing and a great start to our meals.

IMG_6615 [800x600]We ordered a scallop entree, which was stir fried with capsicum and peppercorns. It certainly had a peppery kick to it, and the scallops were plump and juicy too.

IMG_6617 [800x600]Next the crab fried rice which hubby ordered. Whilst it tasted OK, but it didn’t have any “wok hey” (smokiness from the wok) so it was a bit disappointing.  Then again, we were exactly sure whether Cambodia has this thing called Wok Hey so… 😛

IMG_6619 [800x600]Duck curry P.Daddy ordered had a nice coconuty flavour to it, but it was very subtle in flavour. I suppose reading a lot of guides, they did mention that curries in Cambodia are not as intense as the ones in neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia etc.

P.Mummy wanted the stir fried baby kailan, which tasted a lot like dou meo (snow pea sprouts).

IMG_6623 [800x600]I heard that the fish amok is famous in Cambodia, so I ordered this. Wrapped in banana leaves, this dish was steamed with fish marinated in coconut cream, galangal and curry. It was slightly sour and salty in flavour and I quite like it. There were bits of bones in the fish but nothing I couldn’t handle!

Dessert we ordered included banana crepes, taro balls in coconut milk, pumpkin creme brûlée and jasmine ice cream. The banana crepes wasn’t that great, the crepes were quite hard and dry and came with a bowl of sago and mashed banana. We weren’t too sure whether we should dip the crepes into the banana sago mix or eat separately. It just felt like two desserts instead of one.

My taro balls were ok, I couldn’t detect any distinctive taro flavours but I do like the texture of the chewy balls. (Stop. Having. Dirty. Thoughts!)

IMG_6627 [800x600]P.mummy had the jasmine ice cream which she loves but I dunno, not a big fan of eating fragrant flowers. I never like eating stuff like Turkish delights etc so I can’t comment on this one.

P.Mummy and P.Daddy also shared a pumpkin creme brûlée, which must be friggin awesome because they had this smidgen left before looking up and going erm… Would you like some? I guess not hey.

Overall it was quite a nice experience and would recommend it for anyone who visits Cambodia.