Lee Ho Fook

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!!  This Birthday is actually super special, not because of my age, but because I am carrying a bao in the oven this year.  So if you were wondering where I was in the last few months, I was too busy chucking and getting turned off food to be a good foodie 😦  But finally, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel… well at least I have ventured out for some dinners and can face my blog again. 😀

Since MiL is here to take care of me, I thought we’d go to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  Having heard so much about Lee Ho Fook, we decided to venture out to Collingwood to try it.

Lee Ho Fook
92 Smith St, Collingwood
03 9077 6261

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As you might know, when you are preggars there are a heapload of things you can’t actually eat.  It’s very annoying.  I kept having to make sure stuff that are not supposed to be thoroughly cooked to be thoroughly cooked, so this would obviously affect the taste of the dish, so I had to rely on my dining companions to give me some feedback on the food that’s supposed to be undercooked (but which they cooked it thoroughly for me).

I am so worried that there are a few things I couldn’t eat, so I ordered this sweet bun with pork belly for myself.  Heehee.  I like the right balance of sweet and tanginess, the lovely crunchy pickled cucumbers created a lovely balance and cuts the fattiness.

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Hubby and MiL got this tea egg with caviar.  Lee Ho Fook kindly tried to cooked this thoroughly for me, but sadly, it was not possible (even though I wasn’t too sure why… don’t you just boil this longer? 😛  Anyhoo, hubby and MiL said that the tea eggs have no tea flavour.  Hubby said my tea eggs tasted better… except mine doesn’t have caviar ^^

photo(1) [800x600](Heehee above is the one I made myself ^^)

photo 3 (2) [800x600]Scallop and Tofu is the next small dishes to share.  The waitress did stipulate that the scallop can’t be cooked thoroughly, because it will ruin the texture of the dish.  Weirdly though, when it came out the scallops were cooked so thoroughly to the point of being dry and tough.  Hrm.  I was wondering whether it’s because they tried to compensate me not being about to have the egg, and that’s why they cooked this thoroughly.  But, without their explanation, we have no idea why it was overcooked.  So unfortunately we had to put this as a failed dish.

photo 1 [800x600]This dish is so pretty!  It’s also my favourite dish of the night.  Guess what this is?  Who knew this dish with pretty flowers and thinly sliced sheets of kohlrabi is ox tongue??  OMG those thinly sliced ox tongue are grilled to perfection, the vinegary sauce and mushroom, together with the kohlrabi cuts the fattiness of the dish.  The weird thing is there’s supposed to be yuzu flavour, but I couldn’t detect any, which was slightly disappointing.

photo 2 [800x600]Next is the special fried lice… rice.  I would definitely call this guai lo fried rice, suitable for westerners, this fried rice is made with butter.  Poor MiL wrinkled her delicate nose- she hates butter.  But I actually quite like it, it is quite rich and all so I could only eat a bit.

photo 3 [800x600]Spicy and sour tofu was our second last main dish.  I know everyone raved about this dish, however I found it’s like eating two separate dishes: the top layer which is quite yummy and have a chilli kick to it and the bottom layer, which is the flavourless tofu.  You really have to mix it into mush for the tofu to taste anything like the spicy and sour sauce on top.  My MiL said this is like another dish in Chinese with seafood/ chicken/ veg bits on top and tofu in the bottom, and I commented that at least that dish (which is my favourite) the flavour flows throughout the dish.  MiL explained that to make that dish the tofu is made with chicken stock, and I think that’s what’s lacking in this dish: some flavours to the tofu to make the flavours flow from top to bottom.

photo 4 [800x600]Last and yet another disappointing dish was this squid stir fry.  We debated whether to get this or the steamed barramundi but decided to get this cos it looked so good on instagram.  Once again too much butter was used and I couldn’t even eat it as most of it was barely cooked through.  Sadness.

After all the hits and misses throughout our meal, we decided to skip dessert after that.  I think Lee Ho Fok would resonate more with the Western crowd, who wanted something Chinese but with more familiar flavours and nicer decor.  I guess we are not their target market.  6.5/10

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