Khmer Saravan Restaurant, Phnom Penh

DPP_0010 [800x600]We visited the genocide museum and the killing field this day, to confront the tragic past of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime.  It felt so sad and overwhelming to see the rooms where dead people lay with the pools of dried blood still caked onto the walls.

DPP_0011 [800x600] [800x600]I can certainly sense the hate and the desire for revenge these people had for the former Khmer Rouge soldiers, as so many lives were affected, and yet those who killed were not prosecuted.  However in order for the country to more forward, and due to their believe in Buddhism, they felt that they do not have the power to seek revenge 😦

IMG_6693 [800x600]Afterwards, we went to Khmer Saravan, a restaurant near Phnom Penh’s riverside and palace, to have lunch.

Khmer Saravan
325 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
12 84 56 79


IMG_6703 [800x600]Khmer Saravan is quite a touristy place, with a wall of tourist drawings and the menu consists of Khmer (traditional Cambodian way of cooking) food, western food (pizza, pasta, scrambled eggs), Thai food and Chinese dishes.

IMG_6701 [800x600]I of course tried their traditional food, Pro-hok Ktiss USD$4.3.  Pro-hok Ktiss is like a hot dip made of pork mince and fish paste.  You basically use raw veggies like snake beans, cabbage, carrots and cucumber to dip and eat this dish.  It’s also served with rice and it tasted awesome.  I wish there was more of those dips.

IMG_6700 [800x600]P.Mummy had Cambodian fried rice with seafood (USD $4.99), which wasn’t bad, but once again the fried rice has no wok hei (smokiness and heat of the wok). I suspect the wok hei does not apply to Cambodian dishes.  Anywayz, what make this dish delish is the sauce that came with it, which was like a soy sauce, fish sauce and chilli combo.  YUM.

IMG_6699 [800x600]Overall I was pleasantly surprised that this place served such yummy Khmer food even though it was so touristy… Mmm I wonder whether it’s because they adjust it to suit us foreigners palate? :p

DPP_0024 [800x600] [800x600]Later on we went to visit the Palace.  It looked so grand compared to EVERYTHING in Phnom Penh.  It wasn’t too hard to figure out where they spend most of their money on.  Hrmmmm……