Chat Thai at “Thai Town”

Chat Thai
20 Campbell St. Haymarket
02 9211 1808

photo 1 (2) [800x600]A huge hello from Sydney!  I have been crazily travelling a lot lately, just coming back from Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, we headed off to Sydney to celebrate P.Daddy’s birthday!  Being his big 7-0 we decided to go all out and book Sir Stamford at Circular Quay for the weekend.  Look at the tranquil garden view!  Sadly it was facing one of the big roads and overpass which is an exit of a tunnel.  Thankfully it wasn’t too noisy here!

photo 2 (2) [800x600]As I have booked Monopole for dinner, I thought for lunch we should eat something Asian.  In hindsight I think P.Daddy would like to go somewhere near Circular Quay… but ahem, I am really dying to try Chat Thai so here we are 😛  P.Mummy kept going, “why are we waiting so long to have CHATTIME???”  OMG, I can’t even be bothered correcting her.  But if I accidentally called Chat Thai Chattime, you will know why 😛

photo 1 [800x600]I always like to order Pad Kee Mao when I am in a Thai restaurant, so here is Chat Thai’s Pad Kee Mao $9.90.  I really like Chat Thai’s version- the flat noodles are wider than normal and nicely chewy.  The whole dish was full of flavour and had a nice kick to it.  The chicken and gai lan were both super tender.  I would definitely recommend this dish!

photo 2 [800x600]Hubby decided to have a “healthier and lighter” option of Larb Gai $12.  Really, it’s warm minced chicken salad with more protein than salad LOL… he had P Mummy and P Daddy fooled!  I love the larb gai in here, it had the right balance of sweet, salty and sour.

photo 3 [800x600]What was less impressive was the Crying Tiger $10, which is a beef tenderloin with smoked chilli and tamarind sauce.  For some odd reason I thought Crying Tiger is supposed to make you cry cos it’s so spicy, but sadly this is not the case.  The beef was also very tough and the sauce was nothing to write home about.  I think we virtually left this dish untouched.

photo 4 [800x600]Dessert time!  While we were waiting for our seats I saw the staff making these tantalising coconuty things and of course I needed to try it!  Khanom craok $7 is the real name and the description said sweet and salty coconut cream puddings.  It was indeed weirdly wonderfully sweet and salty and even had bits of shallots in it.  It was quite addictive really.

photo 5 [800x600]The next dessert dish I tried to order was the saaku bua loy, which is this pandan infused sago young coconut thing that sounded so awesome.  Unfortunately they sold out and I had to settle for the sweet and slightly salty black sticky rice  and coconut cream pudding – khao nieaw daam bieak $5.5.  It was nice but I think P.Mummy and Daddy were bigger fans of it than I was.

I was amazed at the dessert selection in Chat Thai actually, there were at least 32 kinds of desserts and I seriously wanted to try every one of them.  I must go back again!

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